A place where children have fun, learn to respect other cultures, to improve English and do several diferent and very interesting workshops, make new friends and go visit some places around!

Mother of Maria 15 from Portugual

My daughter returned delighted and excited with the new friendships she had made. She definitely improved the confidence of her speaking English, she enlarged her knowledge of different cultures and habits around the world,

Mother of Ella 11 from Israel

A great experience to improve autonomy and language. She started by asking when she would get back home and finished by asking to come back next year!

Mother of Valentina, age 9, from Italy

My son was happy and improved his English, he makes friends. He was happy and wants to come back. The ECS staff take good care of the children and treat them like a family.

Mother of Antonio 12 Arabic speaker from Switzerland

It has been an amazing experience for my children. Learning through amusing activities in a lovely place

Mother of Elettra 15 and Edoardo 13 from Italy

If the happiness of our children is our most desirable aim then ECS can help

Father of Elena 12 from Bulgaria

We sent our children to ECS to learn English and they returned home speaking English and with lots of friends. The experience has been wonderful. We will repeat.

Mother of Toni 11 and Leyre 9 from Spain

ECS is a good place for kids to improve English and make new friends

Mother of Zifei 14 from China

This is an investment for the future!

Father of Christian 12 from Norway

ECS expands horizons and inspires a more active life encouraging our child to take on new challenges with greater motivation and power. Thank you very much

Father of Izabela 17 from Poland

Our son loved it. He improved his English and made great new friends. He also loved the sport and the staff were great.

Mother of Kristofer 15 from Germany

Sending our children to ECS is safe both for our children and us parents. They improve their English and become more independent.

Father of Agathe 11 and Edvard 14 from Norway

Anna learned a lot, spoke a lot of English and became friends with young people from different countries in Europe. She has also learned a lot about culture in England

Mother of Anna 16 from Sweden

A listening school that promotes learning, self esteem and socialising. Cynthia and Sonita told me ECS is their most rewarding experience and their top choice for the summers to come

Mother of Cynthia and Sonita 13 from Greece

My children have attended ECS for several years and they look forward throughout the year to the next ECS course.

Father of Juan 15, Iciar 14 and Pablo 12 from Spain

The day she left for UK she was not so sure. But when she returned she was so proud, so self confident and so glad that she succeeded. She learned a lot besides the language ... ECS helped her grow so much, thank you!

Father of Karoline aged 10 from Austria

When I picked up my daughter she was crying. I thought she might have missed me but first words she said was "Mam, I miss ECS and my friends... I understood that my daughter must have had a fantastic holiday in ECS. On the way back home, she explained to me FLUENTLY IN ENGLISH what she did everyday in ECS. I was amazed by her progress and I will definitely send again my daughter next summer to ECS!

Mother of Wanru-Apple 8 from China

ECS is very well organized school with very experienced , friendly people.

Father of Michal 15 and Oliwia 11 from Poland

Stephanie has been an ECS student for two years. She enjoyed the summer, as much as she enjoyed the activity programs as well as new friends she met. She wants to repeat the ECS vacation until she turns 17.

Parents of Stephanie 14 from Poland

Thanks for hosting, teaching and entertaining our daughter again this year. She enjoyed her stay so much that she had almost no time to call us. She loved to return to meet her friends and teachers from last year. However she also made new friends and enjoyed everything (even the English lessons!)

Parents of Victoria 15 from Germany

It’s a great camp. Kids make new friends really easily and thus have a wonderful summer.

Mother of Renee 15 and Jochem 12 from Netherlands

Our three boys had a great time at ECS. They improved their English and made new friends. They all want to go back next summer.

Mother of Sindre 14, Storm 12 and Sigurd 12 from Norway

My daughter came back from ECS with better English and more confidence, new friends from different countries. She really had fun and liked the teachers a lot, as well as the sports activities. I can totally recommend this language school which is situated amidst a beautiful park.

Mother of Emma 17 from Austria

Home again she told us that she had such an amazingly fantastic time at Port Regis that she cannot wait for next year to re-attend.

Parent of Victoria, 15, from Germany


Eleonora loved this experience abroad, the college structure was wonderful. Thanks to the help of the teachers she made friends with everyone and it was really really informative and fun.

Mother of Elenonora, age 16, from Italy

Think of English Country Schools as a small summer's step that could have huge favorable impact concerning the future of your child.

Father of Elena, age 12, from Bulgaria

Top quality class room activities and well balanced sports and other activities. BUT English learning is THE top priority

Father of Rafaela, age 8, from Germany

My daughters had a wonderful time at ECS and they learned a lot of English.

Father of Christel (13) and Elise (11) from Belgium

ECS considerably improved my daughter's independence and self-confidence. Her accent was considerably improved as well as her vocabulary

Mother of Ana Rita, age 14, from Portugal

I greatly appreciate the fact that the school is in the countryside, far from the normal entertainments of town or city, in a safe, healthy environment in a beautiful nature, where the children can improve skills and ways of managing their time in different ways than usual.

Father of Enrico, age 15, from Italy

My sons became more confident with English and learned to organize their things not to lose things. They opened their mind having fun with friends from all over the world, and had unforgettable experiences.

Mother of Enrico (13) and Tommaso (11) from Italy

So much more than just language learning - 'Learning for Life' indeed.

Teacher of Yuki, age 14, from Japan

My kids are more confident and independent. The course is a great experience each year and they have certainly improved their English language skills.

Mother of Ruben (age 9) and Renato (age 11) from Angola

Great experience to grow up while improving his English and making new friends from different countries.

Mother of Adria, age 15, from Spain

Making friends from all over the world in a safe and friendly environment is priceless

Father of Ana Rita, age 14, from Portugal

She had the time of her life! Made great new friends and assured us that she definitely wants to return next year.

Mother of Renee, age 14, from The Netherlands

Our sons enjoyed all sport activities, English lessons and workshops very much. There is a great variety in what is offered during two weeks ECS.

Parents of Alexander (age 15) and Gideon (age 13) from The Netherlands

Jakob returend happy, healthy, excited and full of energy. He has made new friends from all over the world. What an experience!

Mother of Jakob, age 15, from Germany

As parent i feel that ECS is a safe place for my children while they learn English and develop through meeting children from other cultures.

Father of Agathe (11) and Edvard (14) from Norway

Nicolas felt embedded into a group of young adolescents, sharing academics, sports and laughter. Great teachers and staff, we will definitely repeat the experience.

Mother of Nicholas, age 14, from Germany

Lone is more and more confident returning from ECS every summer. Her English is so much better every year, and she has got friends all over the world now

Mother of Lone, age 13, from Norway

They came back with improved self confidence, not only when talking in English but also in their daily life

Father of Juan (15), Iciar (13) and Pablo (12), from Spain

My son is more social, friendly and independent since he started to attend ECS

Father of Tiago, age 15, from Portugal

Gabriel came back with many nice memories . He met friends from different countries that he wants to keep contact with. They have already planned to meet next summer!

Mother of Gabriel, age 13, French


Rafaela come home with big smiles, speaking English and having made new friends

Father of Rafaela (7) from Germany

Nico loved the mix of sports, lessons and workshops.

Father of Nicolas (12) from Germany

So rewarding to see your child coming back with this happy face, speaking such nice english and full of stories about their new friends!!

Mother of Eva (14) from The Netherlands