Why choose ECS
English summer school?

A caring English summer school

English Country Schools was established in 1988 to give children and teenagers a wonderful holiday learning English in the English countryside. Since then, we have built a reputation for high quality, engaging and caring summer camps for kids and teens. We have carefully developed our courses to provide the very best immersion summer school experience for the young people in our care.

Sending a child or teenager to England in the summer is a big decision. Choose the right organisation and your child will not just learn English but will also enjoy a safe, happy holiday, developing personally and making friends for life.

We are committed to giving pupils a great, enriching experience and take our responsibility towards our staff, environment and local community seriously.

At ECS, we offer:

  1. A safe, supportive and caring school
  2. Real learning, that is holistic, lasting and fun
  3. A safe countryside campus with fantastic facilities and accommodation.
  4. A great experience supported by fantastic feedback
  5. Strong connections with nature and environmental accreditation

If you are looking for an English language summer camp but are unsure where to start, our key questions may help. Choosing a summer school for your child or teenager is an important decision. So we have collected a dozen key questions together that may help you make your choice.

A caring school

Personal care and safety are paramount at ECS.

ECS is accredited by the British Council. We are also a member of English UK and their young learners subgroup, both of which require even higher standards for welfare.

Our summer camp takes place on a secure countryside campus and we supervise our students carefully to ensure they are both safe and also have room to grow. Parents and carers can follow the progress of their child through our online reporting system.

We have a nurturing philosophy that means providing for our pupils in mind and body, through learning, exercise, healthy food, and mutual care and respect.

Over 30 years, we have built a reputation for providing a safe, first class experience for our pupils. Children and teenagers return healthy and refreshed from our summer boarding courses, with new life skills, ready to return to their studies with renewed enthusiasm and determination.

Learn more about safety and welfare at ECS

Real, holistic learning

Our residential summer camp in the UK has learning English at its core. Our energetic staff use attractive and engaging classroom materials, modern methods and great learning.

But it's about much more than that too. Our holistic approach to learning and personal development through creativity, adventure, discovery, sports and socialising, builds confidence, understanding and respect.

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Fantastic facilities and accommodation

ECS takes place on a large countryside campus with extensive, modern facilities.

There are first class facilities, from modern computer suites to tennis courts, large performance halls to cosy games rooms. Everyone lives in comfortable boarding houses with private rooms and comfortable relaxation areas.

The wider campus contains woodland, ponds and a small stream, providing space and freedom for pupils to enjoy the summer in a safe and beautiful setting.

Learn more about facilities and accommodation at ECS

A school with a great reputation

Positive feedback and testimonials

We are proud to receive great feedback from both parents and pupils each year. The vast majority of our pupils have a great time, making new friends, improving their English and gaining confidence.

Find out what parents and pupils say about ECS

High rates of return students

Many of our pupils attend more than once and their siblings attend too – in 2023 almost half of pupils were returnees or had a sibling who attended before. After running for over 35 years, we are now welcoming the children of some of our first students!

High rates of return students

We also have a large database of parents around the world who are happy to talk to anyone considering sending their child or teenager to ECS for our English language summer camp. They have volunteered to share their experiences and answer your questions.

Talk to a fellow parent before you book.

An environmentally friendly school

Our courses take place on a beautiful rural campus, with woodland and ponds. This green and healthy backdrop is a great opportunity for our pupils to enjoy and explore the natural environment, which we work hard to protect through environmental projects and responsibility.

We recognise the urgent need to directly reduce our emissions at our school to help reduce the devastating impact of climate change. We constantly rethink and review our consumption, transport, food emissions and more. We also engage our students in fun, interesting and thought-provoking projects connected to nature and the environment.

Learn more about sustainability and environmental action at ECS