Parental contacts

Talk to fellow parents before you book

If you're looking for someone who can share their experience of ECS before you book, we have a list of parents and guardians around the world who are happy to discuss their child's experience of our residential summer English language courses.

Our contact list has always been a great reassurance to parents thinking of sending their child to ECS for the first time. It has led to new contacts, friendships and travel-sharing among ECS parents and children.

What's more, if a new student subsequently travels with your child to ECS, both your child and the new pupil will receive pupils our 5% Refer a Friend discount.

Previously our parent and guardian contact list was shared publicly on this page. Now, for better privacy and data protection, parents of new pupils should contact ECS for details of other parents in their country.

If you are happy for other parents to contact you, we would be delighted to add you to our parent and guardian contact list. Join our parent and guardian contact list.

Over 200 parents and guardians in around 50 countries are happy to discuss their child’s experience at ECS with you. Contact us and we can put you in touch with someone in your country.