Feedback on ECS courses


We collect feedback from our pupils and their parents and guardians after every course to make sure we continue to improve our summer camp and deliver a great experience for everyone.

Feedback is incredibly important to us. We are a listening school that puts the views of our pupils and parents at the heart of everything we do. By sharing your opinions you not only help us share a picture of ECS with others, but also help us become the best possible summer language school we can be.

You can view the latest feedback on the ECS English summer camp below or find feedback from previous years via the links in the grey box.


Over 200 parents and guardians in 50 countries are happy to discuss their child’s experience at ECS with you. Let us put you in touch.

For reference, we keep feedback from the past three years available:

Feedback on ECS 2023

What parents say about ECS

Parents and guardians of our pupils say their children returned home happy and healthy with new friends and better English.

In 2023:

  • 100% of parents and guardians said their child enjoyed their stay
  • 80% said their child definitely improved their English
  • 92% said their child definitely developed personally
  • 96% said their child definitely made new friends
  • 100% said their child returned home happy and healthy.

You can view the full results of our ECS Summer 2023 parent and guardian survey here.

In their comments, parents described their child's summer experience as "mind-opening", "very well organised", "relaxed but concentrated" and a "great opportunity to develop your personality."

They highlight how the experience helped their child grow in confidence and independence. Many reported that the first thing their child said was that they wanted to return next year!



What children and teens say

Our 2023 pupils said making new friends and meeting new people from around the world was the best thing about the ECS summer camp, followed by the sports, social programme and trips.

They said the most important thing they learned was better English, especially spoken English, followed by social skills, cultural awareness and improved confidence.

In 2023:

  • 97% of pupils surveyed said they improved their English at ECS
  • 93% said the English lessons were very good or excellent, 7% said they were good.
  • 92% said they always or mostly had fun during their stay
  • 94% described the ECS evening social programme as good, very good or excellent
  • 90% thought the trips were good, very good or excellent
  • 97% rated the sports programme good, very good or excellent
  • 98% made a lot or quite a lot of new international friends at ECS
  • 95% found the staff friendly all or most of the time.

Pupils say the course was "amazing, "fantastic" and "a wonderful time with many friendly people, who become your friends!"