Employment: work with us
at English Country Schools

Help us give pupils a great experience

At ECS we aim to provide the best possible summer school experience for our pupils. This means that we need the very best people to help deliver our courses.

We offer good pay, full board and lodging, access to the school's excellent sports facilities, time off every day and four full days off during the five-week period - all in a beautiful countryside location. We treat all staff with respect and are focused on creating an enjoyable and rewarding environment for pupils and staff.

If you work for us, our aim will be for you to:

  • work to the best of your ability within a supportive and professional working environment
  • enjoy working in a safe and appropriate manner with the young people on the course
  • develop personally and professionally, formally and informally
  • leave with a sense of achievement and a desire to return in the future.

Learn more about the benefits of working at ECS and read what staff say about their experience.

The rules for non-UK citizens to work in the UK are complex and changing.

If you do not already possess a valid permit to work in the UK you will need to make your own enquiries as to what you might need. Due to the short term nature of summer employment we are not able to sponsor individuals to work in the UK.

See the UK Government website for further information.



If you are interested in joining us next year, email us and ask to be added to our staff mailing list for updates.

Our roles include a course manager, assistant course manager, director of English language studies, teaching manager, English language teachers (primary or secondary level), sports and activity leaders, house parents, a technical assistant, tennis and golf coaches. Some of these roles can be combined.

Course Manager/ Assistant Course Manager

Posts carrying wide-ranging responsibilities that fall under the general headings of administration, communication, representation, supervision and leadership.

EFL Directors of Studies (primary or secondary)

Non-teaching, residential posts providing ongoing academic support and supervision of the teaching team in one or more of the age groups 8 - 12 and 13 - 17. You must be qualified with the RSA Diploma or equivalent plus relevant experience.

Teaching Manager

Like the Director of Studies (DoS) role above, but for teachers with considerable experience of working with children in an EFL setting who however lack a high-level EFL qualification.

EFL Teachers (primary or secondary)

To teach pupils in one of the age groups 8 - 12 or 13 - 17 and assist with the general programme.

Teachers should be qualified with a PGCE/ BEd or a university degree plus a recognised TEFL qualification that includes an observed and externally validated teaching component and at least one year's relevant experience. We accept RSA/ Trinity Certificates.

We particularly welcome teachers who are able to plan and lead educational workshops, e.g. in photography, drama, cookery, local history, grammar and pronunciation. 

We also welcome applications from PGCE qualified primary teachers not necessarily qualified in EFL who are experienced in using arts, crafts, stories, songs, games, movement, etc.

See general information on starting a career as an EFL teacher.

Sports/ Activity leaders

We employ a team to work across the sport and social activity programme. Activity staff are sometimes required to assist with excursions but do not usually assist with boarding house duties. 

You will require good pupil management skills, good organisation, the ability to risk assess activities, the ability to work as a member of a staff team, a sense of responsibility, purpose and fun. An element of coaching is required for sports and Sport Leaders must have relevant qualifications. For all posts experience of working with foreign pupils is an advantage.

See the ECS sports programme and social programme.

House Parents

To support and supervise pupils in one of the age groups 8 - 12 or 13 - 17 in their boarding house. To maintain a safe, healthy and secure domestic environment for them.

Stage Manager/ Technical Assistant

To assist teachers and activity staff with the the safe and efficient working of AV systems in performance halls; to assist generally with computers, printing, overhead projectors, etc.

Tennis and golf coaches

Any of the posts below can be combined with tennis or golf coaching (with the appropriate qualifications) to increase earnings.

How to apply

  1. If you wish to apply for a post, send your CV preferably with a completed version of our Employment Application Form

  2. If we wish to employ you, we will arrange an interview, usually by Zoom or Skype but we are also happy to interview at our home office near Cheltenham.

  3. If we wish to appoint you, we will email a Letter of Appointment setting out precise terms and conditions, together with additional general and job-specific employment information. If you wish to accept the post you must sign and return the letter and the background check permission form within 10 days.

  4. We will then contact your professional referees and reserve the right to withdraw our offer of employment if references are not available or give cause for concern.

If you sign to say that you agree to work with us this is a legally binding contract. If you breach contract we will  inform referees and in extreme cases may sue for financial losses incurred as a result of your breach.

We are committed to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children. Any gaps in your employment may result in your application being rejected. Qualifications will be verified and you will be required to prove your ID. References will be followed up to ensure your suitability to work with children and background checks will be carried out.

All employees of English Country Schools must sign to say that they understand and agree to abide by the code of conduct described in our Safeguarding Policy

Why work at ECS?

A truly international group

All our pupils attend as individuals and we limit the number of pupils on each course with the same mother tongue. This means you’ll be working with a truly international group whose common language is English.

Small age groups

In Summer 2024 pupils will be divided into two age groups, 8 - 12 and 13 - 17. So you won't be expected to work with wide age ranges at the same time.

Simple schedule with support

All students arrive and depart on the same date: we don’t do weekly change-overs, which makes life easier for everyone. Staff also have access to an online database of materials to assist with planning.

Time off in a great location

All staff will receive days off during the period of employment plus normally one session (morning, afternoon or evening) off daily for planning and relaxation.

Beautiful location with great facilities

The courses take place in a large campus in a beautiful countryside setting. The school has excellent sports facilities that staff are encouraged to use.

What do staff say about ECS?

“ECS is a perfect blend of work, fun, personal growth and trying to make a positive impact on the lives of the pupils in our care!” (2023)

Kaja (academic manager, 2023)

“ECS is an amazing summer school to work for. It has a great family feel to it and is run exceptionally well. This is shown through the students and staffs enjoyment which I can vouch for. I would love to return to ECS next summer and would recommend anyone who is thinking of it.”

Pippa (house parent, 2023)