English lessons at
English Country Schools

English Country Schools offers general English lessons for 8-17 year olds at all levels, from beginner to advanced, in a nurturing and truly international residential English language camp environment.

ECS offers superb facilities, dedicated and fun teachers, interesting lessons and modern, effective and environmentally-friendly teaching and learning in a comfortable and safe campus setting.

On ECS English summer camps, our professionally qualified English language teachers offer children and teenagers enjoyable and interactive English lessons.

And language learning doesn't stop at the classroom door.

Our fully international mix of students means English is the shared language for our pupils. There are lots of opportunities to practice through socialising, trips, sports, games, educational workshops and evening activities.

If you're looking for English language lessons outside of the summer holiday, our trusted, experienced and qualified teachers are ready to help.

ECS offers professional online English lessons for children and teenagers at the time best for you.

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What is learning English at ECS like?

Interesting and varied

Attractive and engaging materials help us to create great English lessons that bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. You can view samples of teaching materials here:

Lessons are interactive, fun and challenging - focussing on communication and developing confidence as well as strengthening grammar and widening vocabulary. Teachers rotate between classes for greater variety and to enrich pupils' learning with exposure to different accents and teaching styles.

Fully international

Fully international classes mean pupils speak lots of English and practise cross-cultural communication together. We have a limit on how many speakers of each language can join ECS each summer to make sure we have a really international mix that helps everyone speak as much English as possible.

Collaborative and creative

Collaborative project work in the classroom is fun and helps to build interpersonal skills. We also like to learn the lyrics to popular songs and play games so pupils can try out language in a creative way and encourage interaction and movement.

Supportive and nurturing

Small classes and caring, experienced teachers mean pupils get great academic support. Our team is here to help with any questions and shape the classes to respond to students' levels and needs. We also offer an additional test for 13-17 year olds who want to be more targeted in their learning. Our online learning zone allows older pupils to continue learning when they return home too.

Accredited and high quality

All ECS English language courses are accredited by The British Council and all our English lessons are led by professional, qualified teachers. We are also a member of English UK and Young Learners English UK.

How long are English lessons?

English lessons start at 09:30 Monday to Friday. Lessons last for three hours, plus breaks to help our pupils stay energised and focused.

How many hours of English lessons are there?

Our summer English camp includes 15 hours of English language teaching each week, three hours each day.

How are pupils placed?

Everyone's language level is assessed on the first teaching day of their course. Then pupils are placed into classes by age and ability.

How many pupils are in each class?

ECS English language lessons have a maximum of 16 pupils in each class.

How can parents track pupils' progress?

Weekly online reports enable parents to follow their child’s progress.