English & Activity Summer Camps

Where English Learning continues outside the classroom..

At ECS children and teenagers continue learning English outside the classroom during every part of the day: in educational workshops, on the sports field, during social activities and excursions, on our English and adventure summer camp and in the residential boarding accommodation.

Through sport pupils learn the fun of friendly competition and how to work as a team. They learn new physical skills and strengthen the relationship between body and mind. They begin to understand that practice makes perfect and discover the great feelings of energy and relaxation that come from regular exercise.

Sports at ECS include all of the usual like swimming, football, touch rugby, volleyball, basketball, badminton, softball, etc. In addition those who wish can specialise with professional lessons in golf (on our own course), tennis and martial arts / karate.

Evening social activities consist of things like quizzes, shows, films, crazy sports, wide games, etc. By taking part in these pupils learn more about themselves and other people, developing in social confidence and broadening their horizons through mixing and making new friendship with children and teenagers from different countries.

For further information on each aspect of activities on our English Language summer camps and courses for children and teenagers please follow the links below: