Social Programme


Selfie Challenge

Teams of pupils are given a list of places / situations in which they must take a 'selfie' photo of everyone in their team. For example the photo must include:

  • The whole of the main school building
  • The Course Manager
  • Everyone jumping in the air at the same time
  • A work of art
  • Everyone wearing fancy dress
  • A water feature
  • An animal
  • etc

Pupils have to work closely together to get the best photos. Lots of English is spoken, it's great fun and the activity encourages teamwork and social bonding. The photos are judged by a student panel to make sure they include everyone in the team. Extra marks are given for originality and creative merit. The winning team gets a prize, the best photos are displayed on the school photo blog and everyone ends up with crazy and funny photos that will provide memories for a lifetime!