action at ECS

Taking steps for the environment

At ECS we care deeply about our pupils and the world they inhabit, today and in the future. That's why we take environmental responsibility very seriously and continuously look for ways to reduce our negative impact and increase our positive impact on our world.

We are striving to be an environmentally friendly school.

In recognition of our commitment to environmental action, we have been awarded our industry's first externally validated marque of environmental responsibility from Green Standard Schools.

We are always looking for ways to live more sustainably and hope you will join us in taking action, changing habits and speaking up for a better, greener future.

We are working hard to reduce our emissions and be part of global efforts to protect our future for our young pupils, friends and family. We hope all our pupils will take new perspectives and knowledge home with them, and feel empowered to change our world for the better.

If you think of anything else we can do to reduce our negative impact on the environment and become a greener English language school, please tell us.

Travel and transport

Transport and travel creates around a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions and around a quarter of Europe’s emissions. It is a major cause of climate change and a key area for reduction.

At ECS we always choose the lowest emission way to travel, usually minibus, coach or train. Our campus location means daily travel to classes, meals and activities are all by foot.

But we recognise that most pupils come to ECS by plane and that this forms the largest part of our carbon footprint. This travel is very harmful and is not something we can ignore or cancel out.

So we are working hard to bring our overall emissions down by taking extensive action in other areas; to increase our positive impact by giving our language lessons and pupil activities a strong environmental focus; and by supporting environmental projects. Find more on these below.

We also strongly encourage our pupils and their families to consider taking the train for part or all of their journey to the UK. We are happy to advise you or help you find travel buddies who are also attending our course. But we appreciate travelling overland is not always possible. In that case we encourage you to make ECS your only flight this year and stay for the full course to make the most of your journey.

Find out more about what we do and how you can help us reduce travel and transport emissions by expanding the section below. Please also see our document Environmental Tips for Students.


  • Avoid flying and driving
  • Hold meetings/ events online
  • Campus school to avoid travel
  • ECS summer trips by train or coach
  • Digital brochure and information
  • Encourage pupils to use low-emissions transport
  • Informing and working with staff, pupils and parents to reduce travel emissions

Consumption and waste

A lot of energy is used to create plastic bottles, clothes and accessories, electronic devices and food. The earth is also harmed by the mining and deforestation needed to access and transport the metals, minerals, wood, glass and other materials our products are made of. That's why is it important to only buy and use what we really need, and to especially avoid single-use items.

At ECS we work hard to use less – whether plastic, paper, energy or water. And then, if items cannot be repaired, reused or repurposed, we recycle them. While recycling is very important and part of living responsibly, it's even more important to reduce the amount of high-emission materials, products and food we buy in the first place.

We also serve less meat and dairy as they require much more energy, water and land than serving plant-based foods. Animal agriculture is also polluting and leads to deforestation.

Find out more about what we do and how you can help us reduce consumption and waste by expanding the section below.


  • Using/ buying only what we need
  • Reusing, repairing and recycling
  • Provide plant-based options
  • Meat-free days
  • Save energy and water
  • Use reusable cups, bottle and bags

Connecting with and caring for our world

As well as doing more and more to reduce our emissions and negative impact on the environment, we also want to nurture and support nature, people and other animals.

That's why we spend lots of time outdoors with our pupils, giving them the opportunity to connect with their surroundings and learning to respect plants and  animals. Our large green campus is a great space to explore, learn and relax. Spending time outdoors also benefits our health and mental wellbeing.

We also invest in our world and our pupils' future by giving money to environmental projects and organisations.

Find out more about what we do and how you can help us connect to nature and care for our world by expanding the section below.


  • Donate to environmental projects
  • Encourage you to match our donation when you book
  • Support biodiversity on campus
  • Give pupils many opportunities to enjoy and learn to respect our world

Inspiring and influencing others

The environmental crisis needs everyone to take action, reduce emissions and help save lives, communities, habitats and landscapes. Everyone can make a difference by changing how they live and by talking to others to encourage everyone to do as much as they can.

Educators have a special opportunity and responsibility to increase environmental awareness and empower pupils to express themselves and shape their world. Everyone, and young people in particular, has the right to explore and understand the climate crisis and what it means for their future.

At ECS we encourage everyone – our pupils, staff, local communities and fellow language schools – to learn more about the impact we are having on our world and how we can change course to a better, greener future.


  • Environmental topics in lessons
  • Work with our host school and other service providers
  • Support a greener industry with Green Action ELT
  • Local action group
  • Share what you learn with friends and family