Thank you to the Greeks, first of all, for their alphabet from which the Covid-19 variants get their name. Places and names of people are sensibly avoided, so we have skipped over Xi and now find ourselves at Omicron. The world is on high alert and so perhaps understandably overreacts to new variants. First reports on Omicron suggest that although more transmissible it is also probably less harmful than previous variants. So far not a single patient with Omicron is reported to have been hospitalised. Covid is the virus that keeps surprising, however, so while we remain hopeful we also remain vigilant. 

It is worth bearing in mind that all previous variants of Covid have proved to be generally not dangerous for normally healthy children. We think the low risk is outweighed by the general educational and social benefits of attending our summer course. The spacious, countryside campus at Port Regis is about as safe an academic environment as one is likely to find. The school’s Covid-safe operations have been well tested and we are confident of being able to run a well-regulated, safe summer course for all our pupils and staff.

We offer a money-back guarantee if your child is unable to attend ECS due to travel restrictions in your country or The UK - see - so you can book now in confidence.

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