Explore castle ruins
in the countryside

Old Wardour Castle

Wardour Castle is just a short minibus ride away from our residential summer campus. The castle was once a luxury residence but it is now a ruin and great spot for a half-day trip out in the countryside beside a lake.

Our younger pupils love running around and exploring the old castle rooms and grotto. They can also climb all the way to the top of the castle for an extra adventure and fantastic views. Plus, there's plenty of space to play or for picnics under the cover of the age old trees.

Our older pupils sometimes visit Wardour Castle too, usually as part of a class project or a workshop. Bringing research about local history to life, for example.

Age: 8+

Duration: half day

Travel: 25 minute minibus ride

Group size: usually small groups

Cost: no additional cost

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Taking care

On our trips and excursions, we are careful to balance freedom to explore, which helps build confidence and independence, with supervision and support to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every pupil. All ECS trips are fully risk-assessed with a thorough 'what if' process to ensure that we are prepared for every eventuality.

There are always at least two members of staff on each bus. Younger children are accompanied at all times, with at least one member of staff with every six children. Older children (11+) can explore in small groups, with our staff nearby. Pupils are advised to stay in pairs whenever they are away from the group, for example using the toilets.

We use a minibus for this journey as there isn't direct public transport and we tend to visit the site in small groups. Travelling together in one vehicle helps keep this excursion fuel-efficient, and reduces air pollution and carbon emissions. We always ask our providers about their green credentials and choose the best option available.