Salisbury cathedral
and shopping

Cathedral city


Salisbury has a rich history and is full of different things to do, from visiting the impressive old cathedral, museum and historic houses to exploring special local shops offering unusual items and local crafts. There are also popular high street stores for clothes, music, books and more.

Salisbury is a small city, the perfect size to give our older pupils a little freedom to explore while within easy reach of our team. It is set in beautiful English countryside and only a short journey from the ECS campus at Port Regis.

100% of pupils surveyed said the trip to Salisbury was "good", "very good" or "excellent" in summer 2022!

Age: 11+

Duration: full day

Lunch: pupils prepare a packed lunches after breakfast, including a sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and fruit.

Travel: 45 minutes minibus or coach ride

Cost: no additional cost

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Taking care

We are careful to balance freedom to explore, which helps build confidence and independence, with supervision and support to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every pupil on our trips and excursions. All ECS trips are fully risk-assessed with a thorough 'what if' process to ensure we are prepared for every eventuality.

There are always at least two members of staff on the coach with pupils. Younger children are accompanied at all times with at least one member of staff with every six children. Older children (11+) can explore the town in small groups, with our staff nearby. Pupils are advised to stay in pairs if they are away from the group, for example using the toilets.

We sometimes travel to Salisbury by train, or by minibus or coach if that is not practical. Choosing the right transport helps keep this excursion fuel-efficient, reducing air pollution and carbon emissions. We ask our transport providers about their green credentials and choose the best option available.