Fossil hunting
on the Dorset Coast

Lyme Regis town and beaches

Lyme Regis is a lovely seaside resort with pebble and sandy beaches, amazing scenery, a fascinating history and lots to do. It a great place for a relaxing sightseeing trip in the warm English summer time.

As well as relaxing and playing on the beach, pupils can hunt for ancient fossils.

Here the beaches are part of the Jurassic Coast, where the crumbly old cliffs contain fossils from marine life from 65 to 250 million years ago. With a bit of patience and a good eye, pupils might be able to find their own spiral shaped ammonite. In 1811 pioneering paleontologist Mary Anning discovered a 5m-long skeleton of an ancient animal – an Ichthyosaurus.

Pupils can also walk along the the Cobb – a wide harbour wall built to protect ships and the town – for a panoramic view of the sea, beaches and seaside town. And climb the stairs called ‘Granny’s Teeth’!

In Lyme Regis there are gardens, small shops and a local museum to visit. In the gardens pupils can play mini golf, table tennis or pitch and put. There is a sculpture trail and Jane Austin garden to explore.

76% of our pupils surveyed said the trip to Lyme Regis was
"good", "very good" or "excellent" in summer 2022

Trip details

Age: 8+

Duration: full day

Travel: 1.5 hour coach ride

Cost: no additional cost

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Taking care

On our trips and excursions we balance freedom to explore with supervision and support from our staff. This gives pupils opportunities to build confidence and independence while ensuring their safety and wellbeing. All ECS trips are fully risk-assessed with a thorough 'what if' process to ensure we are prepared for every eventuality.

There are always at least two members of staff on each coach. Younger children are accompanied at all times by at least one member of staff with every six children. Older children (11+) can explore in small groups, with our staff nearby and always available to help. Pupils are advised to stay in pairs if they are away from the group, for example using the toilets.

We travel to Lyme Regis by coach. Travelling together in one vehicle helps keep this excursion fuel-efficient, and reduces air pollution and carbon emissions. We always ask our providers about their green credentials.