The hilltop ruin
of Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle and seaside towns

Corfe Castle is an exciting old ruined castle on a steep hill looking out to sea. It's one of the oldest stone castles in England (older ones were built out of earth and wood) and has seen many different kings and queens, battles, sieges and prisoners. Together we explore the fallen wall, imagine life there years ago and take pictures. There is also a guided tour for pupils who want to learn more from local experts.

Afterwards we continue to Weymouth, a colourful seaside town with a sealife centre, by coach or to Swanage, a smaller seaside town for a shorter trip, by steam train.

77% of our pupils surveyed said the trip to Corfe Castle was "good", "very good" or "excellent" in summer 2022

Age: 7+

Duration: full day

Lunch: pupils prepare a packed lunches after breakfast, including a sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and fruit.

Travel: 1 hour coach

Cost: no additional cost

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Taking care

We are careful to balance freedom to explore, which helps build confidence and independence, with supervision and support to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every pupil on our trips and excursions. All ECS trips are fully risk-assessed with a thorough 'what if' process to ensure we are prepared for every eventuality.

There are always at least two members of staff on each coach. Younger children are accompanied at all times with at least least member of staff with six children. Older children (11+) can explore in small groups, with our staff nearby. Pupils are advised to stay in pairs if they are away from the group, for example using the toilets.

As there are no public transport connections from Port Regis to Stourhead, we take a coach for this journey. Travelling together in one vehicle, helps keep this excursion fuel-efficient, and reduces air pollution and carbon emissions. We always ask our providers about their green credentials.