ECS Environmental Responsibility

Over the past few weeks we have been putting a great deal of time and effort into thinking about environmental responsibility and working out how best to put this into practice at ECS. We have helped to produce a full report - UK ELT and The Environment - which we hope will facilitate environmental responsibility across the industry. You can find the report here and you can read how we are putting theory into practice at

We have also been talking to the host school - Port Regis - where we run our summer courses. I am delighted to say that Port Regis has several excellent initiatives currently running with the active participation of 132 pupil volunteers and 34 parent volunteers. The school is exploring several areas of environmental responsibility including encouraging biodiversity on the campus through tree planting, encouraging bees, installing bat and bird boxes, etc. The school already has a classroom block that is temperature controlled through a ground source heat pump; while kitchen hot water is provided by a biomass boiler. The school aspires to be self-sufficient in water, food and energy by 2025 through the installation of solar panels, the use of a water borehole and the creation of food growing areas in the school grounds.

We will be walking our pupils around the school campus this summer, telling them all about what Port Regis is doing and how they, too, can practise environmental responsibility during their time with us. See our pupil advice document at