Location & travel

Port Regis School is located in the countryside in Dorset about 2 hours from London. You can find a video and slide show about the school and campus here.

Some parents bring their child personally to the school or with sufficient notice we can arrange for a 'Flying Angel' to accompany your child on the flight. If you wish to bring your bring your child personally to the school please ask us for travel directions and details of local accommodation if required.

The majority of pupils travel independently via London Heathrow Airport from which we operate a free meet and greet service as follows:


We provide free transfers from London Heathrow to the school for pupils arriving on 10 / 24 July and 7 August between 1100 – 1600hrs. Transfer coaches leave the airport at around 13:00hrs and 16:00hrs. Pupils whose flights arrive before 11:00hrs can be met on arrival by a reputable company and taken care of until our staff arrive at an extra cost of around £60 per child 


We provide free transfers from the school to London Heathrow and assist pupils with check in for flights departing between 12:00 - 16:00hrs, 24 July & 7 / 21 August. Transfer coaches arrive at the airport at around 10:00hrs and 12:00hrs. Pupils whose flights depart after 16:00hrs can be taken care of by a reputable company until their flight leaves at a cost of around £60 per child.

Taxi transfers

For pupils who arrive at London Heathrow after 16:00hrs or depart London Heathrow before 12:00hrs or travel via other airports or stations (including London Gatwick / St Pancras) we can arrange escorted taxi transfers at extra cost (approximately GBP 250 for Heathrow; GBP 275 for Gatwick; GBP 130 for Bristol). The cost reduces for children travelling together. The cost increases for children travelling as Unaccompanied Minors (UMs) or travelling at unsocial hours. Please contact us for precise details.

Please note

  • Please read our greener travel advice here.
  • Where possible we will put you in contact with other parents so that children can travel together. Young children can usually travel in the care of airline staff as Unaccompanied Minors. This is safe and normal.
  • We cannot provide accommodation in the schools for pupils who arrive in the UK before our scheduled arrival date or leave the UK after our scheduled departure date.
  • There is a good train service from London to Gilllingham (Dorset) near Port Regis. Please see here.

Where exactly?

Click the image below to open a google map: