Why ECS?

We feel one hundred percent safe leaving our kids in the hands of ECS

— Parents of Anders (age 13) and Inger (age 11) from Norway

ECS has been providing safe, enjoyable English Language learning holidays for children and teenagers for over 30 years. We have developed a reputation for providing a first class English Language summer school experience for our pupils. Running international English Language and activity summer courses for children and teenagers is all we do: it is our passion and we aim to do it best:

The British Council / English UK
ECS - English Country Schools - is Accredited by The British Council. Inspectors visit to examine the premises, teaching, food, welfare, etc. This encourages excellence and ensures that your child will be well taught and cared for. For further information please see The British Council's web site. We are also founder members of Young Learners English UK providing additional training and advice for our staff on the care and education of under-18s.

Supervision and safety 
We focus absolutely on the wellbeing and happiness of our pupils. Students are under the care and attention of experienced staff from arrival to departure. Each boarding house has its own House Parent to oversee the supervision and welfare of the occupants. The Directors of English Country Schools, Christopher and Sarah Etchells, live at Port Regis during the summer and keep a close watch on both courses to oversee their smooth operation. The atmosphere is friendly and caring and a local doctor is available 24 hours. All staff are background checked to ensure their suitability to work with children. Our Child Safeguarding Policy, reviewed annually, is available here

We provide a balanced, healthy diet for our pupils with plenty of fresh, enjoyable food. At each main meal (lunchtime and evening) there is a choice between two hot dishes, one of which is vegetarian, and an extensive salad bar. There are morning, afternoon and evening snacks and fresh fruit is available throughout the day. Meals at Port Regis are served in a bright, modern canteen overlooking the school grounds. House parents assist the younger children in making a balanced choice. Meals at Cheltenham are prepared by our own chef to a particularly high standard. At both schools pork products are clearly labelled and there is always a non-pork alternative. We are able to cater for particular individual requirements (eg. non gluten, non dairy) provided we are informed in advance.

Parental contacts
A list of worldwide parental contacts is available here. Any of the parents will be willing to discuss their child's experience of the course.

A listening school
We systematically collect feedback from pupils, parents and staff to keep improving the quality of our courses. You can see the results of recent surveys here. You can read recent parental comments here.

Regular reporting 
Parents will receive a settling in report from their child within the first few days of attending the course. They will also receive a teacher's report at the end of each full teaching week and a report from activity staff and house parents at the end of the child's stay.

Comprehensive holiday insurance is included in the course fee for all children attending English Country Schools. Please follow this link for further details.

Visa support
To assist with your application, if your child requires a visa English Country Schools will, after receiving your deposit payment, send a Letter of Confirmation to you containing all the information you need. You can check if your child needs a visa and find further advice here

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