You can also find comments from young adults who have attended English Country Schools on our alumni page

Summer 2016

Our children said that being at ECS is the best thing they have ever done.
Parents of Louise (13) and Simon (12) from Denmark

Rafaela come home with big smiles, speaking English and having made new friends
Father of Rafaela (7) from Germany

Nico loved the mix of sports, lessons and workshops.
Father of Nicolas (12) from Germany

So rewarding to see your child coming back with this happy face, speaking such nice english and full of stories about their new friends!!
Mother of Eva (14) from The Netherlands

Archibald is so proud of all his experiences at ECS, he has been speaking very much of all the good things he has done..
Mother of Archibald (8) from France

My son came home enthusiastic about the school staff and activities. He greatly improved his English and made new friends from different countries.
Mother of Samuele (13) from Italy

We were very satisfied with the information before and during the stay. It was marvellous getting a weekly report from both the child and the teachers.
Mother of Nicolai, age 17, from Norway

She learned a lot about other cultures, opened her mind to see the world and teens in a different way. She came back ready to improve herself at school.
Mother of Christina, age 16, from Dominican Republic

The experience developed my children’s self confidence and independence.
Mother of Noam (15) and Shachar (15) from Israel

A safe adventure away from parents :-)
Mother of Lone (12) from Norway

It's a fantastic adventure that every child in the world should try.
Mother of Cesare (14) from Italy

Every year they not only improve their English but, even more, make new friends and improve self confidence!
Mother of Greta (12) and Pietro (8) from Italy

Our daughter was in ESC for the second time and she enjoyed everything maybe even more than the first time. This year, she joined the golf and karate lessons and was really excited about both sports. For her, the day at ESC should be 48 hours to manage everything she would like to do..
Mother of Elen (8) from Czech Republic

High-standard care, professional lessons, fun workshops - all these made the unforgettable moments. My son said that it was the best summer in his life.
Father of Ilya (15) from Russia

The best summer camp ever. He loved the various activities, the sport and the structure of camp life.
Mother of Kristofer (13) from Switzerland

ECS stands for fun, accelerated English learning and unforgettable holidays. My kids asked for more time at ECS next year!!!
Mother of Cynthia (12) and Sonita (12) from Greece

ECS is not only about English, its about life, friendship, nature, sport, health, emotions, simplicity..
Mother or Maria Paola (10) from Italy

Our boys returned home happy and broadened their horizons a lot.
Parents of Gideon (12) and Alexander (14) from The Netherlands

Our children make new friends from other countries. They remain in contact and we invited them in Rome and our children were invited in Spain.
Mother of Lorenzo (16) from Italy

Maximum English language improvement, excellent summer camp experience, with a lot of fun activities, excellent social interaction with young people of different nationalities and cultures
Father of Irina (11) and Andre (15) from Romania

My kids enjoyed summer Camp a lot. Both had a marvellous time and hope to see you all next year!! thanks for everything!!
Mother of Mark(9) and Tim(12) from Slovenia

You are not only teaching English - you make your students feeling happy and engaged. This was our daughter's first trip abroad on her own and she gained extreme self-confidence and was very happy to mix with other students.
Mother of Małgorzata (13) from Poland

When we went to pick up them the first thing that they told us was "next year I want to be here for one month”…!
Father of Matteo (11) and Tommaso (9) from Italy

Lucas was happy, positive when he returned; he even wanted to stay longer  at ECS
Mother of Luca (15) from Belgium

There were only benefits… it was a very positive experience for Alexander. The organization and circumstances for us as parents was perfect!
Father of Alexander (12) from Austria

Sally enjoyed the camp very much.  She met new friends in different countries and she also loved her experiences in the adventure camp too.  An unforgettable summer!
Mother of Sally (13) from Hong Kong

He improved his English a lot and made a lot of friends from everywhere in the world.
Father of Pietro (16) from Italy

(ECS) ..provides a broader perspective about the world. A priceless opportunity to make new friends and to perceive how diverse and small it is.
Mother of Elena (11) from Bulgaria

Good care of the children, a great learning experience and a safe and healthy environment!
Parent of Sarah (14) and Maxime (17) from France

Our daughters had a really good time at ECS and they also improved their language skills.
Father of Sara (15) and Barbara (15) from Italy


Summer 2015

They liked the way of teaching, the teachers, the numerous activities and the fantastic environment.
​Mother of Luca (12) and Leo (9) from Luxembourg.

Jona and Maya spent great weeks at ECS and came home happy and fit, proud and full of energy.
Mother of Jona (13) and Maya (11) from Germany

She really liked the house parents. I was really surprised how her English improved only within two weeks!
Mother of Elen, age 7, from Czech Republic

Alicija had a good time, became more self-confident, met new friends and will definitely come next year!
Father of Alicja, age 15, from Poland

Staff really know how to act and react and how to treat young people. My son begs to return next year.
Parent of Julian, age 13, from Austria

She had the time of her life and made friendships from all over Europe.
Father of Nine, age 15, from Norway

Meeting people from differnt countries opens the mind and helps to develop tolerance and humanity.
Father of Nanina, age 15, from Austria

Lovely surroundings, lots of sightseeing. A very good system of lessons, sports and other activities. A good and safe place to try being alone without parents.
Parent of Kaia, age 14, from Norway

My daughter became more confident and independent.
Mother of Maria, age 14, from Italy

Our children had a wonderful time in ECS. They made new friends and they improved their English.
Mother of Giovanna (12) and Francesco (9) from Italy

He discovered a new world.
Parents of Audoin, age 16, from France

He improved his English, had lots of fun and most importantly he began to learn ways of understanding cultural differences and talking to people from different backgrounds.
Mother of Francesco, age 13, from Italy

Workshops are a great idea: they allow kids to do what they are interested in as well as to explore new possibilities.
Mother of Alexey, age 11, from Russia

My daughters had fun, they improved their English and their confidence. All their teachers and staff were really professional and friendly.
Father of Barbara (15) and Sara (15) from Italy

ECS opened our daughter's mind to a much wider world.
Father of Mar, age 14, from Spain

A great way to meet new cultures, learn English, grow as a child and become more independent, all in a safe environment.
Parent of Edvard, age 11, from Norway

My son's vocabulary, knowledge of idioms and fluency in English after the course is simply amazing! Thank you!
Mother of Alen, age 10, from Kazakhstan

My children particularly enjoyed the evening activities and the excursions. You create a very friendly learning environment.
Mother of Cynthia (10) and Sonita (10) from Greece

It was his first time for two weeks far from home. He made new friends and grew up in a healthy and nice way. Thank you!
Mother of Alessandro, age 10, from Italy

Sofia returned very motivated with the improvement in English Language and happy with her new group of friends.
Mother of Sofia, age 15, from Brazil

Olsa returned from ECS full of energy and with lots of experience for the future.
Mother of Olsa, age 10, from Kosovo

My twin girls had fun and returned home refreshed and self-confident.
Mother of Cynthia (10) and Sonita (10) from Greece


Summer 2014

A fantastic experience. He made new international friendships, improved his English and had a lot of fun.
Parent of Andrea, age 16, from Italy

My child increased her language skills, personal confidence and cultural awareness.
Mother of Miriam, age 12, from Norway

The school seems to me to be very well organised. Students are free to decide by themselves, but they are in the same time "controlled". Ian found many new friends and wants to come back next year.
Mother of Ian, age 13, from Italy

Thomas now engages in an English conversation with ease and without fear of speaking with faults.
Mother of Thomas, age 12, from Norway

English Country Schools has an excellent system that motivates children to speak to each other and improve their English skills.
Father of Andrei, age 13, from Romania

My child was very glad about this summer holiday at ECS. He made a lot of friends.
Parent of Zelin, age 12, from China 

Ilia improved his English and made new friends, and he really had a great time! He arrived home with wonderful memories and he asked to go next year again.
Mother of Ilia, age 12, from Russia

Francisca was delighted…she did not want to come back to Brussels! She wanted more two weeks...She learnt a lot of English and spent a real wonderful time. We thank you for your excellent quality!
Parents of Francisca, age 14, from Portugal

Guram has a lot of friends and he knows English well but still your school helped him to reveal his abilities and maybe talents! Thank you so much for such a great opportunity that you give to our children!!! Your work is perfect!!!
Mother of Guram, age 11, from Russia

Every year he feels more confident, improves his English and immediately after coming home asks me to book the school for the next year.
Father of Adam, age 13, from Czech Republic

Lodovica returned at home with a lot of new friends and more conscious about her possibility
Mother of Lodovica, age 13, from Italy

Gabriela is more self confident and her skills in listening comprehension really improved. 
Mother of Gabriele, age 9, from Poland

That was Izabela’s first contact with English so the fact that she can speak (and understand what she's saying) is amazing.
Mother of Izabela, age 7, from Poland

My children enjoyed themselves and improved their listening and speaking ability. Thank you!
Father of Naoki (age 13) and Masaki (age 9) from Japan

Victoria ended last school year placed in "easy level" in her English class. After the summer at ECS she was placed in "advanced level"
Mother of Victoria, age 9, from Norway

This school is amazing and my girls really love it. All the teachers and house parents were like a very good guides for children, building their confident and responsibility , opening a new world for them. My girls improved their english , made a new friends, learned plenty of new things to do (golf, horse riding , cooking), had fun and a very good time. They are definitely going to come back next year ))).
Mother of Polina (12) and Mariia (8) from Russia

Ekaterina was happy during her stay at ECS. She still consider those two week as the best in her life.
Mother of Ekaterina, age 15, from Russia

She realized how important it is to improve her English, to communicate and make new friends.
Mother of Federica, age 10, from Italy

Lots of fun, dedicated teachers and new friends. Excellent...
Parent of Jon, age 12, from Denmark

Vittoria and Antonio were happy every time we spoke over the phone enjoying both classes and free time. They returned more confident and mature.
Mother of Vittoria (age 13) and Antonio (age 10) from Italy

Our children love everything about ECS (especially desserts) and also the combined program with English classes and sport lessons. They came home this summer with a stronger body after all the activities, they speak great english and it was even hard for them to actually find time to call us during their two week stay! We know they are safe with you, no matter what happens and when we picked them up they were already making plans with friends for next year and they keep contact with their new friends from all over the world.
Parents of Nathaniel (13) and Chantelle (12) from Norway

Meeting children from different countries, cultures, religions,... It opens their mind and makes them aware of people's diversity. It increases their tolerance and respect towards others.
Mother of Altea, age 16, from Spain

Olivia had an amazingly good time, gained confidence and cannot wait for next year to re-attend ECS.
Father of Olivia, age 12, from Switzerland

Simply unique experience! Beautiful location, warm and professional staff, international friends and of course ENGLISH ENGLISH and ENGLISH!!
Mother of Benedetta, age 11, from Italy

Year after year, Lluïsa meets new friends, improves her English and develops her self confidence further.
Father of Lluisa, age 11, from Spain

Very nice experience with a lots of activities in a very safe and beautiful school, with a friendly, attentive and competent staff. A great occasion to meet youth from different countries.
Parent of Clara (17) Anna (14) and Raphael (14) from Switzerland

ECS is a complete, great and fun experience
Mother of Guillermo, age 13, from Spain

She's more confident in speaking English and talking to new people.
Parent of Piraya, age 14, from Thailand

Alexey grew his confidence in English a lot during this summer course: he even started to make some parallel translation during a dinner with foreign guests.
Father of Alexey, age 10, from Russia

ECS was the first "far from home" experience for Anna; she made new friends and improved her english.
Parent of Anna, age 11, from Italy

ECS is a big family full of fun and friendship.
Mother of Emma, age 12, from Spain

A beautiful setting with lots of challenging and fun activities for energetic kids.
Parent of Anais, age 15, from Greece

I am really happy with ECS at Port Regis, my children had a great time.
Mother of Alfonso (10) and Lucia (13) from Spain 

Children love to be together with so many children from different countries. They learnt English having fun.
Mother of Giovanna (age 16) and Lorenzo (age 14) from Italy

He came back very happy with his stay at ECS, and very self confident. He enjoyed everything and was crazy about adventure camp.
Mother of Cyr-Louis, age 11, from France

Sebastian enjoyed his stay very much, especially the sports in the afternoon.   Also his food - he has to live on a gluten-free diet- was provided without any trouble!
Mother of Sebastian, age 17, from Austria

Alessandra had a great time, feeling safe and making a lot of new friends from all over the world.
Mother of Alessandra, age 11, from Italy

Ioana improved her English skills, had a lot of fun and made new friends.
Father of Ioana, age 12, from Romania

My children enjoyed learning English at ECS and also cultivated friendships among the children worldwide.The school’s staff and facilities are superb.
Mother of Rintaro (14), Toko (13) and Saya (10) from Japan

Thanks for two wonderful weeks in English Country Schools, and the possibility of making new friends from a lot of countries all over the world in a such a short time.
Parent of Andrey, age 15, from Russia - Puntusov

The organization was perfect: every week I had feedback from the teachers and tutors. My sons enjoyed a lot.
Parent of Fabio (12) and Filippo (9) from Italy

Freedom within a frame - great concept - beautiful location and facilities.
Mother of Lucas, age 13, from Belgium


Summer 2013 

Their English improved and they are more willing to speak now. They made new friends from other countries. It was a very enjoyable and fruitful experience for them. 
Mother of Oriana (age 8) and Hillary (age 7) from Hong Kong 

Improving English, making new friends from other countries, the atmosphere is very friendly and secure. He likes the school very much! 
Mother of Konstantin, age 12, from Latvia 

A good possibility to learn to communicate and interact with people from different countries and continents. 
Parents of Varsha, age 11, from Germany 

Roberto learnt a lot of english language sharing good times with his new friends 
Mother of Roberto, age 13, from Italy 

Participation in English Country School gives a really good opportunity of social development and of course in English. 
Mother of Sander, age 13, from Norway 

As parents, we feel one hundred percent safe leaving our kids in the hands of ECS. 
Parents of Anders (age 13) and Inger (age 11) from Norway 

I would recommend ECS for an international experience. Your children will socialize in a beautiful safe environment. Their English will improve for sure! 
Parents of Carlotta (age 14) and Livia (age 12) from Italy 

Children improve their personality and open their minds, by coping with different situations, personal relationships and the use of English in a splendid healthy and safety environment 
Mother of Marina (age 17) from Spain 

Kaia has improved her skills both educationally and socially 
Parent of Kaia, age 13, from Norway 

Katya came back very much motivated for the further self-development and self-education in many directions. This is cool. Thank you. 
Mother of Ekaterina, age 14, from Russia 

If you're thinking of sending your child to school in England this is a great introduction. 
Father of Katie, age 8, from Hong Kong 

The environment was very friendly and English lessons very satisfactory. Most important, Adam wants to attend next year again. 
Mother of Adam, age 12, from Czech Republic 

ECS offers the perfect balance between learning and sports / free time activities. 
Mother of Camillo, age 12, from Germany 

Very good mix between lessons and fun. A real international environment 
Mother of Benedetta, age 10, from Italy 

I think that it's a great experience for children to gain independence, have fun and improve their English! 
Mother of Vittoria (age 12) and Antonio (age 9) from France 

Getting acquainted with children from different countries makes them aware of the different cultures and styles of living. It makes them more open minded. 
Mother of Altea (age 15) from Spain 

They improved their English and made many new friends. The possibility to change experiences with kids form other nationalities and cultures gives them a better perspective of the world and broadens their cultural and social understanding. 
Father of MADALENA (age 16) AND MATILDE (age 15) from Poland 

English Country Schools provides a unique atmosphere of caring for kids: their needs are heard, the worries of parents are understood, and the friendly atmosphere is created. 
Mother of Alexey (age 9) from Russia 

Balazs came home full of energy and confidence; he thoroughly enjoyed every minute he spent at ECS 
Father of Balazs (age 13) from Hungary 

My son is absolutely happy and he is looking forward to the next year. 
Mother of Ilan (age 13) from Israel 

In addition to improving the children's knowledge of English and their confidence in themselves, the course also helps them engage in team activities that probably are new to them and unlikely to be pursued at home and therefore they find these activities quite exciting and engaging. 
Mother of Alin (age 16) and Andrei (age 10) from Romania 

ECS's summer course is great fun as well as learning opportunities through sports, social events and formal classes! 
Mother Lok Yan, age 13, from Hong Kong 

My daughter improved her general knowledge and her English skills. She learnt how to play a lot of new games and other sport activities. 
Mother of Ivona (age 15) from Romania 

My son gets easily bored and loses his enthusiasm and will to participate in activities after some time. That didn't happen with your school. There was a great variety of interesting things to do that he never complained although he stayed with you for a whole month. Congratulations to your staff for the excellent work. 
Mother of Christos, age 14, from Greece 

I was very glad to see how happy Georgy was when he told me about his old and new friends from various countries, his tutors with whom he could discuss different topics and exchange jokes… ESC does the impossible: it mentally stimulates teens (who are mostly rebellious at that age), provokes interest towards arts, frees them up to express themselves and be creative, it unites them… Thank you for the job well done! 
Mother of Georgy, age 15, from Russia 

My child has become more confident about herself. 
Mother of Sofia, age 13, from Portugal 

Very good teaching program, my child's speaking skills are significantly improved. 
Mother of Irina, age 12, from Ukraine 

Valentina had a great time, became more self confident and independent, made new friends and improved her English. A great experience that she hopes to renew next year! 
Father of Valentina, age 10, from France 

We really enjoyed reading the weekly reports containing details of progress and overall behavior. 
Mother of Thomas, age 11, from Norway 

He not only improved his English skills, but also his interpersonal skills with life and relationships. He wants to go back next July! 
Mother of Leon, age 16, from Brazil 

My son was really happy. Next year he would like to stay again. 
Mother of Bru, age 10. From Spain 

Thanks to English Country Schools Margot and Nicolò love speaking English ! They have realized how is important for their international culture. 
Mother of Margot (age 14) and Nicolo (age 16) from Italy 

My children came home very happy and independent and anxious to go back! 
Mother of Leyla (age 12) and Maia (age 9) from Romania 

Timo has friends from all over the world now - where else would you find such an enormous cultural enrichment. And he came back telling me that he loves the British way of life :-) 
Mother of Timo, age 13, from Luxembourg 

English Country Schools is a great place where kids can learn the language and use English while having fun. 
Mother of Gabriele (age 14) and Francesca (age 12) from Italy 

After the summer course, we noticed that Nicolas became a more understanding child and always shares his feelings and thoughts with us. 
Mother of Nicolas, age 10, from Norway 

Comfortable and safe way to study English in the UK 
Mother of Yaroslava, age 11, From Russia 

Meriyana has developed herself very positively in terms of self-confidence and independence. 
Father of Meriyana, age 11, From Switzerland 

Our daughter not only improved her English skills, she also became more independent and mature. 
Mother of Emma, age 14, from Netherlands 

It's really amazing that Kati can have a fluent conversation in English with excellent pronunciation now. First time she went to the camp she didn't speak a word! 
Mother of Katalin, age 15, from Hungary 

Summer 2012 

A fantastic friendly atmosphere for your child to have fun and improve their english. 
Mother of Emma, age 10, from Spain 

It was not only fun and language school, but school of life! A wonderful experience! 
Mother of Victor, age 14, from Russia 

Matthew has been to Port Regis 3 years in a row and loves it. It's been a fabulous life experience for him. 
Father of Matthew, age 12, from Thailand 

The summer program provided mature social development for our son in language, history and culture within a well supervised learning environment. 
Parent of Luka, age 16, from Georgia 

ECS opens the mind towards different languages, different cultures, different people. 
Parents of Lloren (age 7) and Ferran (age 11) from Spain 

In addition to the social and English learning we very much appreciate the feeling that we could trust the school to provide security for our child. Thank you very much. 
Father of Sander, age 12, from Norway 

My children arrived home with wonderful experience, memories and they asked to go next year again. 
Mother of Stjepan (age 9) and Katarina (age 10) from Slovenia 

I cannot speak highly enough of ECS, our daughter had an absolutely superb time with fantastic people in a breathtaking environment! 
Mother of carolina, age 9, from Italy 

Juri enjoyed so much the course of this year, he decided next year will be there for one month. Lora was really happy with the lessons and activities. 
Parent of Juri (age 11) and Lora (age 9) from Albania 

Marie made new friends all over Europe, and she really had a great time! 
Mother of Marie, age 15, from Sweden 

His english improved and he made a lot of new friends, wonderful! He came back wanting to learn more and more English. 
Parents of Jean-Victor, age 11, from France 

The school provides very good care with high level of English lessons in a beautiful environment. Adam really enjoyed his stay. 
Mother of Adam, age 11, from Czech republic 

My kids had a great holidays, made new friends, studied English and enjoy playing sports. 
Parent of Kostiantyn (age 7) and Oleksandra (age 8) from Ukraine 

She loved the time she spent in Port Regis and she came back different in a good way. It was an unforgettable experience. 
Mother of Maria, age 13, from Portugal 

My daughter had great time and she improved her English and made a lot of new friends! 
Parent of Albina, age 16, from Russia 

Daughter said: we enjoyed a lot, we spoke English all the time, we got a lot of new friends, too short. 
Parent of Nina, age 12, from Slovenia 

Very good, enjoyable and secure way to study English in the country of the language. 
Mother of Yaroslava, age 10. from Russia 

My kids always come healthy and happy with a lots of great experiences and friends. They look forward to next year. 
Mother of Boris (age 10) and Roman (age 8) from France 

She came back a better person in all aspects. 
Mother of Joana, age 17. from Portugal 

Perfect combination of learning, leisure, socializing. 
Father of Lada, age 8, from Ukraine 

Both our girls loved being there and came home with new confidence and a big wish of returning next year!! 
Mother of Hedvig (age 11) and Adele (age 10), from Norway 

Alessandro improved his english, his self control and self care. 
Father of Alessandro, age 12, from Italy 

Georgy is so impressed by ECS (staff, friends, location, activities and leisure) that he is dreaming about coming back next year. 
Mother of Georgy, age 14, from Russia 

ECS provides a perfect place for developing child's social skills, independence and responsibility. 
Father of Ariana, age 13, from Romania 

Summer at ESC what a wonderful time! She enjoyed a productive and rewarding experience. 
Parent of Melda, age 15, from Turkey 

They learn english, have fun and meet new friends from other cultures, what else can we expect! 
Mother of Eduard (age 12) and Laia (age 10), from Spain 

For me the main words from my own and my friends previous experience were: trust, safety, fun, learning. And all these my daughter received! Thank you! 
Mother of Yaroslava, age 10, from Russia 

Being in a safe environment away from home, interacting with children from different nationalities and cultures, helped my son to be more responsible, more mature, improve his social skills and emotional intelligence. 
Father of Ricardo, age 11, from Portugal 

My child can speak now with no problem :) 
Parent of Debora, age 16, from Portugal 

Alfred has returned to ECS for the sixth time already. He feels very well there, he has always enjoyed his stay there. 
Mother of Alfred, age 13, from Czech Republic 

Thank you for the excellent organisation of the course. 
Mother of Ivan, age 14, from Russia 

Stan had a wonderful time and I'm sure he will come back next year! 
Father of Stanislaus, age 12, from Austria 

Amazing and too short. 
Parent of Aline, age 15, from Belgium 

I am happy with the experience my son enjoyed in Port Regis, he was so happy and seemed a bit grown up and more mature upon his return. 
Mother of Gia, age 13, from Georgia 

It was a wonderful experience for our son, it was fun but he also improved his english. 
Father of Juan Lucas, age 13, from Austria 

The course is a good opportunity to improve my son's knowledge of the English language, but, important as well, is the opportunity to teach him to manage by himself when he is away from home, to develop his social skills and to make him more adaptable to different kinds of people and cultures. 
Mother of Andrei, age 9, from Romania 

Erich has developed socially, is more responsible and had a lot of fun. 
Father of Erich, age 11, from Romania 

Summer 2011 

    •    Our daughter can't stop talking about the nice things she did at ECS. Father of Giulia, age 11, from Italy 

    •    Kousha has been to Port Regis twice and has enjoyed it each time. Not only has his English improved, but he has also matured through boarding life and contact with children of various nationalities. He wishes to come again. Parent of Kousha, age 13, from Germany 
    •    Melanie returned home very happy. For the parents the best sign of a wonderful time. Thank you to everybody. Mother of Melanie, age 14, from Switzerland  

    •    Our children loved the atmosphere and came back with a great deal of self confidence and learned to talk with more vocabulary.... learning by doing... they had to speak with their friends from abroad.. Parents of Mariana (age 10) and Isabel (age 13) from Germany  

    •    Our daughter called us after two days in E C S and asked if she may come back next year for a month! She came back home more self confident, with improved English and with many new friendships with students from very different countries. Mother of Ivana, age 11, from Slovenia  

    •    Great way of improving the children's English and also a useful way to meet new people from so many different nationalities! Parents of Bettina (age 13) and Sigurd (age 10), from Norway  

    •    Wonderful education system with a great team of education specialists in the exceptional English country side Parents of Ayse, age 10, from Turkey  

    •    Port Regis and Sibford have become a must for my sons in the summer. They always came back happy. Mother of Albert (age 14) and Alfred (age 12) from the Czech Republic  

    •    Matures the child tremendously!! And all of a sudden speaking english is so much more fun!! Parents of Hedvig, age 11, from Norway  

    •    Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, exciting activities, good food! (my daughter is vegetarian and we were afraid that she will have nothing to eat, but even at the barbecue, there was a special courses for vegetarians). Well done and thank you for that! Mother of Anna, age 16, from Russia  

    •    David had a great time. Next year he would like to stay much longer. He met different nationalities and spoke english all day long. Parent of David, age 13, from Italy  

    •    Amalie looked very much forward to the summer-school, and all her expectations became true. The online feed-back and the way of taking care was brilliant to be sure she had a great time! Parent of Amalie, age 10, from Norway  

    •    Our son wants to join ECS next year again. What better advertisement could there be? Father of Taiga, age 14, from Japan  

    •    Being the second time my kids attended Port Regis Summer School, I have to emphasize the significant development in English, social contacts and independence on daily issues and tasks. I do believe that ECS gave them the opportunity to grow personally and to develop important skills for their future. I can only say good things about the staff of ECS, as well as, the installations and comfort I felt as a parent during the period the kids stayed with them. They will for sure come back in the future. Father of Matilde (13) and Madalena (14) from Portugal  

    •    Our daughter enjoyed her stay very much, and matured visibly during the course! Her self confidence increased a lot, both in english and socially. Mother of Elisabeth, age 12, from Norway  

    •    My girls really enjoyed spending time learning and playing. Mother of Georgia (age 10) and Rebecca (age 7) from France  

    •    When I asked my sons after their first 2 week English class at Port Regis if they would like to return next year, both replied with great enthusiasm "yes!". Father of Krzysztof (age 8) and Maciej (age 10) from Poland  

    •    Jeanne is more confident now and participates a lot in english lessons at school. She is so happy when she is at Sibford, meet a lot friends, wishes that life is always like at ECS! Mother of Jeanne, age 16, from Switzerland  

    •    Excellent mix between learning English and non school activities. Parent of Kevin, age 10, from Switzerland  

    •    They learn English, but even more, they learn how to live, work and collaborate with students from various nationalities. Father of Ilijana, age 14, from Macedonia  

    •    My daughter hesitates much less to speak English. She is less afraid of making faults and dares to express herself. Father of Leonie, age 12, from France  

    •    Matthew has been twice and has every intention of going again - truly well run. Father of Matthew, age 11, from Thailand  

    •    She made so many new friends from other countries, for her that was the best part, she enjoyed a lot knowing about other cultures. Parent of Christina, age 11, from Dominican Republic  

    •    A great experience for our son who was the first time in his life two weeks without any family relative. He enjoyed the whole staying, in particular the excellent afternoon and evening activities and the possibility of getting in touch with kids from all over the world. Father of Erich, age 10, from Switzerland  

    •    A fantastic way to combine social activities, making new freiends, having fun and at the same time improving your english. Mother of Anniken, age 12, from Norway  

    •    Gijs came back more mature and thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with the friends he made during previous years. Father of Gijsbert, age 14, from Holland  

    •    It was the first time Polina left home alone and she got a great experience from all perspectives! Parent of Polina, age 9, from Russia  

    •    Zuzanna learned to speak and understand englisch fluent, She made many friends, was really happy. Parent of Zuzanna, age 14, from Poland  

    •    Our daughter was happy to make new friends from different countries and cultures. She also enjoyed the learning of english. Mother of Eva, age 13, from Greece  

    •    Professional English education and so enjoyable that our son attended five successive summers at his own request. Parents of Jan, age 16, from Norway  

    •    My kids learnt English and much more. They discovered other countries' culture and to respect the differences. Mother of Javier (age 12) and Lucia (age 10) from Spain  

    •    Timo became more self assured and independent. The contact with older kids encouraged him to identify his own perspectives. He came back cheerful and full of stories about activities, friendship, individual skills and characters - but about the first thing he said was that he wants to go back next year. Mother of Timo, age 11, from Luxembourg  

    •    Lots of fun, multinational friends, extra activities like horse riding - and learning English! We could not ask for more! Mother of Beatrice (age 10) and Ines (age 10) from Spain  

    •    The staff are like a family. My children left crying because they had such a great time. Mother of Leopoldo (age 12) and Angelica (age 11) from Italy 
    •    Children learn to work in a team, they learn also a lot of english. Mother of Teodor and Andrei (both age 9), from Romania  

    •    It was a very nice experience. Especially the familiar and cosy atmosphere made him feel happy. The variety of afternood activities learned him a lot about sports than he had never practiced in the past. The London excursion was unforgettable. Parents of Nikolaos, age 14, from Greece.  

    •    My son thinks that English Country Schools is an ideal place with friends from different countries, helpful teachers and lots of fun. Mother of Georgiy, age 13, from Russia  

    •    Niccolo and Greta truly loved this experience. They made new friends from all around the world, improved their English, appreciated their teachers and the whole staff. Mother of Niccolo (age 9) and Greta (age 7) from Italy  

    •    Gijs came back more mature and thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with the friends he made during previous years. Father of Gijsbert, age 14, from Holland  

    •    A worthwhile experience for life. Mother of Marina, age 15, from Spain 
Summer 2010 

    •    She was really really happy, made new friends, learnt and improved her English speaking and understanding. She is looking forward to going next year... Mother of Marina, age 14, from Spain  

    •    It is fun for children and helped my son "see the wider environment" and become more self-assured and motivated. ECS really cares for children. Mother of Igor, age 9, from Russia  

    •    It was a solid step out of the protected home/family environment with a very interesting and positive impact for our daughter. Parents of Xenia, age 15, from Greece  

    •    Valeria enjoyed herself, she made new friends and she told me that next year she would like to remain in Port Regis for at least 3 weeks. She loved the horse riding course. Mother of Valeria, age 11, from Italy  

    •    An ideal environment for them not only to learn English, more importantly to build up self confidence for greater things they will face in future. Father of Eugene, age 11, from Hong Kong ROC  

    •    My children had a great time, made many new friends and improved their English considerably in only two weeks. Mother of Benedikte (age 16) and Christian (age 13) from Denmark  

    •    Excellent for learning English and growing as an individual in Port Regis, my sons have been very happy and have known children from all the countries of the world. Mother of Mikel (age 7) and Xavier (age 13) from Spain  

    •    My kids returned home really happy and satisfied about the time spent at Port Regis. They enjoyed they English classes and the way of learning "by games" and practical exercises. Mother of Ana (age 13) and Dan (age 9) from Romania  

    •    Just fantastic! Mother of Marta, age 14, from Portugal  

    •    Our 12 year old son had a great deal of fun, especially during afternoon activities. This definitely led him to use and practice his English. The two weeks at the school have made a difference in his understanding of the English language. Parents of Kousha, age 12, from Germany  

    •    The course in Port Regis improved our girls' self esteem and openness towards others, and generally they enjoyed their stay so much they want to come back again some other time. Their English improved in the way they became more talkative in English. Mother of Cecilia (age 11) and Caroline (age 12) from Denmark  

    •    He has learned English and is now able to communicate not fearing to make mistakes. Mother of Eduard, age 10, from Spain  

    •    My daughter was first time alone abroad and she felt safe and happy in Port Regis. She was always was busy with different activities and didn't want to leave the camp at the end Parents of Ekaterina, age 11, deom Russia  

    •    Everything was perfect and our daughter was superhappy! Father of Francesca, age 14, from Italy  

    •    Sasha was lost in admiration for the teachers, their goodwill, openness and readiness to help. Thank you so much! Mother of Alexander, age 10, from Russia  

    •    Between many other nice things I could say, the main ones for me were the evolution on the spoken English (quite big for just two weeks) and the number of new friends from other countries and cultures that they've made. It was an experience to repeat for sure. Father of Madalena (age 13) and Matilde (age 12)  Portuguese from Poland  

    •    This year my daughter felt as if she were making a specialized course, not a simple English course. The workshops were excellent, the teachers the best she's ever had. Mother of Celia, age 15, from Spain  

    •    Georgy returned home full of positive emotions and said he enjoyed every bit of it. He stays in touch with a lot of his friends from the school and wants to return next year, plus he said he liked the staff very much. Mother of Georgy, age 12, from Russia  

    •    My child's English improved a lot and he made a lot of new friends. Parent of Sabin, age 13, from Romania  

    •    Positive experience, great atmosphere. Father of Ricardo, age 14, from Spain  

    •    After several years of English classes at school, it was this summer's ECS that made our daughter confident in speaking English. "I even thought in English" she told us on her return. Mother of Anniken, age 11, from Norway  

    •    Mikaela's spoken English improved and ECS taught her a very nice way for healthy living Mother of Mikaela, age 10, from Greece  

    •    Great experience for child and parents. He learn a lot, not only English, even sociability, other cultures, religions, etc. Our other children will participate in the same experience, for sure. Parents of Javier, age 11, from Spain  

    •    Safe, healthy environment with good supervision for younger children enabling them to act self-confident in a foreign country. Mother of Gesa (age 8) and Inga (age 10) from Germany  

    •    Apart from everything else, this was for Matthew a wonderful introduction to an English "boarding school" environment. Father of Matthew, age 10, English from Thailand  

    •    My daughter had a fantastic first contact with people from other countries, learnt a lot of English and became more mature Mother of Blanca, age 10, from Spain  

    •    There are real professionals working with the children at school. The atmosphere is very positive and regulated at the same time. Mother of Andrey, age 14, from Russia  

    •    Paula was happy to meet many nice girls and they had so much fun. They are still in contact and will visit each other in their home countries. Father of Pauline, age 12, from Switzerland 

    •    Our daughter really enjoyed the experience of living with children from other nationalities, in a very safe and friendly environment, with excellent quality teaching. Father of Marta, age 12, from Spain  

    •    She really enjoyed life at the camp, sport and fun. She is more confident with the language. Father of Anna, age 13, from Italy  

    •    She crossed the language barrier for the first time in her life and understood the importance of being able to communicate in English and feeling confident about that as well. Mother of Merce, age 8, from Spain  

    •    It is a unique opportunity to grow up in a safe surrounding, gain independence while learning English and getting in contact with children of different nationalities. Mother of Bianca (age 9) and Carlo (age 12), from Italy  

    •    Our son came home from ECS happy and confident as can be. Father of Ian, age 15, from Norway  

    •    She returned home happy and more confident in speaking in English and also in general communication. She definitely wants to come back. Thank you! Mother of Leyla, age 9, from Romania  

    •    Ana Valeria was very happy during this course. The activities were really good and she improved her English all the time. The level of the lessons was the correct one and she came back speaking better and very very happy. Mother of Valeria, age 14, from Mexico  

    •    We only got 4 sms messages. The first two stated: 'I am having a great time' , the third one said: 'I want to stay longer' and the last one : 'I will surely go back next year !'  Need I say more? Excellent organisation. Father of Feline, age 12, from Holland  

    •    She got a lot of self confidence and had a lot of fun meeting children from all over the world Father of Laura, age 14, from Austria  

    •    Gijs strengthened existing friendships and made some new too. He came back more mature, eager to make a good start in the new school year. Parents of Gijs, age 13, from Holland  

    •    It is very safe, well-organized and can be recommended very much. Our son grew a lot with the experience. Mother of Oeyvind, age 14, from Norway  

    •    Excellent for his self esteem and trust and a good step for his future independent adult life. Father of Adam, age 12, from Romania  

    •    Safe, healthy environment with good supervision for younger children. Mother of Gesa (age 8) and Inga (age 10) from Germany 
  Summer 2009    

    •    A great opportunity for my children to learn English and develop friendships with new friends from other nationalities. Father of Filipa, age 12, from Portugal  
    •    Peter made new friends, became acquainted with new sports, improved his English and gained self-confidence. Father of Peter, age 15, from Greece  
    •    Our child enjoyed his summer at ECS and improved his English, made new friends and came back healthy. Thank you for everything we will be more than happy to bring Elyas next year. Father of Elyas, age 10, from Saudi Arabia  
    •    Our two teenagers returned full of stories about new friends from all over the world and new tasks performed, places seen and skills acquired. Mother of Cornelia, age (age 16) and Sebastian (age 14) from Norway  
    •    Both of my daughters made huge personal progress regarding self confidence, responsibility, respect for other kids and friendship. They came home stronger than ever and "grown up". They just loved the school, the teachers, the food and all of the fantastic activities the structure offers. Mother of Chiara (age 9) and Isabella (age 8) from Italy  
    •    Gijs thoroughly enjoyed his classes, the afternoon sports and the excursions. He is sure to come back next year. Father of Gijs, age 12, from The Netherlands  
    •    Marcello and Leonardo enjoyed this experience very much. They experienced independence, made new friends, learned how to behave in an international environment and of course improved their English! Father of Marcello (age 10) and Leonardo (age 8) from Italy  
    •    She became more independent and self confident Mother of Anastasia, age 14, from Russia  
    •    She came back more confident and her English improved a lot. She had great fun during her stay! Father of Meletia, age 14, from Cyprus  
    •    Good and safe care, great experience, friendship and learning, our son got his best summer, ever ! Mother of Boe, age 15, from Norway  
    •    My daughter improved her english, made new friends, became more independent and self-confident. Mother of Eva, age 11, from Greece  
    •    She improved her English and made new friends from different countries. Regina liked her teachers and will wait next year. Thank you very much. Mother of Regina, age 14, from Romania  
    •    Besides learning English and making new friends he also learnt how to be independent Mother of Diogo, age 10, from Portugal  
    •    It's the best school I have ever heard, all facilities and excellent atmosphere that a child may feel comfortable and happy Mother of Daniil, age 14, from Kazakhstan  
    •    She very much improved her English and enjoyed all her time. She wants to come back next year. Mother of Giulia, age 14, from Italy  
    •    ECS became the first grown up experience for my son. With help and care of ECS staff he overcame his homesickness and thoroughly enjoyed his vacation. His English improved from several words and phrases to fully understanding basic conversations. The bottom line he expressed one day after coming back "Mom, I am definitely going back next year!" Mother of Timofey, age 8, from Russia  
    •    An experience for life and for living. Parent of Ines Maria, age 13 from Portugal  
    •    Anita both improved her english and her confidence and developed her personality through the course. Great Uncle of Anita, age 13, from Germany  
    •    Good organisation, she make a lot of friends and her English improvement is very good Mother of Nika, age 12, from Croatia  
    •    Had a great time, met very nice new friends, all over a great experience which he will remember for a long time;-) Mother of Tom, age 14, from The Netherlands  
    •    Karolina and Paulina improved English,made new friends,improved their personal and linguistic confidence. Father of Karolina (age 14) and Paulina (age 13) from Poland  
    •    Both girls enjoyed a lot. When they came home, they just wanted to go back again. I asked them about the worst part of the stay and they answered "having to say goodbye". Mother of Laura (age 11) and Maria (age 14) from Denmark  
    •    Dan went to summer school in USA last year but your school is much better! Thanks Mother of Dan, age 12, from Japan  
    •    Dima enjoyed being a student at a multinational school, he benefited a lot from the variety of activities, undoubtedly improved his English and appreciated very much the warm and friendly atmosphere in Sibford. Father of Dmitry, age 15, from Russia  
    •    Since our children have gone to the English Country Schools, they have improved in English and have had a special and very positive contact with English people, which they developed further when they became older, either coming again, or going to study at school or university in the UK. Their experience especially with Chris and his wife was of great benefit for their personal development. Thanks a lot. Mother of Gabriel, age 11, from Liechtenstein  
    •    ECS Experience was really amazing for Leonor. Self confidence and joy were the top issues, that we felt in our daughter. Mother of Leonora, age 13, from Switzerland  
    •    ECS makes children to have more confidence in themselves, offers beside a lot of fun and new friends, the possibility to improve the childrens' English language skills. Mother of Anca, age 14, from Romania  
    •    English Country Schools is great, all the experiences and contact with another nacionalities is awesome. Joana, age 16, from Portugal  
    •    Filippo has improved his personal autonomy learning English Father of Filippo, age 8, from Italy  
    •    Laura has again tremendously benefitted joining the summer program. with a lot of learning but with fun and without pressure. Father of Laura, age 9, from Germany  
    •    Loek learned that you can overcome homesickness, get a good feeling from finishing something that takes a long time and is sometimes hard. Mother of Loek, age 12, from The Netherlands  
    •    Matilda had a lot of fun, love all the staff and improved her english. She already asked to come back next year. Father of Matilda, age 10, from Italy  
    •    My daughter has attended ECS for 5 years. Every year she comes back home with different friends and superior English knowledge . She remarks very much the international atmosphere around the school, she loves it! Mother of Celia, age 14, from Spain  
    •    My daughter has improved her English and she enjoyed herself during her stay in Port Regis school. It was a great experience for her and she wants to repeat it next year !! Mother of Valeria, age 10, from Italy  
    •    Olivier loved to meet a lot of friends of different nationalities. The school offers a good mix of learning and fun. Mother of Oliver, age 12, from The Netherlands  
    •    Our child benefits by finding new friends, improving english language and social skills. Father of Pamina, age 14, from Austria  
    •    The fact of my son having attended English Country Schools for the fourth time is self-explanatory Father of Ian, age 14, from Norway  
    •    The whole experience made my daughter more confident in her life and in her knowledge of English Language. She shared experiences with other nationalities children and made friends for life. Mother of Marina, age 13, from Spaion  
    •    This course was useful for him because he met his equals from all over the world and he got acquainted with their culture. Also he has improved his English. Father of Gordan, age 14, from Croatia  
    •    This was the first time my children were in a summer school. They came back very happy and keen to learn more English which was the main target. They are looking forward to go back to Port Regis next year! Mother of Francois, age 13, from France  
    •    This year our daughter spent her second year at Port Regis and she hardly could wait to get there to meet some old friends but also new ones. During her stay at Port Regis Alida found friends from all over the world and she enjoys keeping contact via various internet chats communicating in English of course. For us this is one of the big advantages ECS offers along with the overall care of the entire staff. Mother of Alida, age 14, from Germany  
    •    Upon the start of the new school year Ante?s teacher told me that he has improved his use of the English language and gained the confidence to freely express himself, regardless of possible mistakes. That was the purpose of the summer language school: to encourage him to communicate in English. Mother of Ante, age 11, from Croatia  
    •    Wouter's had a great time and he only once briefly touched a computer! Mother of Wouter, age 14, from The Netherlands  
    •    Wow, that's really cool to live and speak with so many nationalities! Father of Artem, age 16, from Russia 
Summer 2008 

    •    We would like to thank you very much for taking care of our son Gijs. Gijs thoroughly enjoyed his stay with you and would like to return next year. Parents of Gijs, age 11 from Holland  
    •    Many thanks to you and your staff for looking after our daughter so well. She thoroughly enjoyed her stay at your school, made many new friends and her English improved greatly. Father of Yulia, age 15 from Russia  
    •    Stellina was a bit anxious when leaving home. After she came back she told me: I did not miss you at all.Can you imagine that? It was SO COOL!! Mother of Stellina, age 11 from Greece  
    •    He can explain himself much better and he returned happy from England. Mother of Umut Servan, age 14 from Turkey  
    •    My daughter was very happy to have met in Sibford children from all the countries of the world. Mother of Francesca, age 16 from Italy  
    •    My son improved his English and gained confidence in using the language, more than could be expected from his secondary school curriculum. His much improved awareness of foreign cultures through international friends at the course has been an invaluable extra bonus. Father of Ian, age 13 from Norway  
    •    This has been our third year with English Country Schools, we think it is an important part of our education and besides we always have a great time. Excellent staff. Parents of Ines (age 14) and Luis (age 9) from Spain  
    •    The multicultural contact between teenagers from different countries in a healthy environment is good for each and every one of them and, mainly, to set up peace and build a better world. Parents of Sofia, age 17 from Portugal  
    •    We want to thank you for the opportunity that Sofia had staying with you in two years. She learned a lot in the College and it was very important for her being in England with your care. Parents of Sofia, age 17 from Portugal  
    •    I felt that my child was much more confident not only about the English language but also about himself. He said he wants to return, which I feel is a very positive sign given that he was initially very worried. Mother of Elliot, age 11 from France  
    •    Within only 2 weeks Daniel made a dramatic improvement in his English and his accent. Father of Daniel, age 10 from Poland  
    •    Before he left, he was very nervous for his little English knowledge. However, he returned speaking English with much less hesitation than he used to. It was a nice surprise indeed. Father of Francesco, age 11 from Italy  
    •    Excellent for learning English and growing as an individual! Father of Maria, age 14 from Portugal  
    •    As a parent I think my son’s stay at ECS is indeed a very complete and valuable experience that enriched him not only educationally but also as an individual. The main points where I think Miguel can anchor his participation in this Summer Program are: the apprehension of English skills, the social management of a daily contact with other youngsters and the direct participation and observation of a different culture. Father of Miguel, age 13 from Portugal  
    •    My daughter has been going for 4 years. Every year she looks forward to go back once again. Next year she will go to Sibford for the first time. I'm sure she will enjoy as well as Port Regis. Congratulation to the whole staff and tks very much for making my child so happy. Parents of Celia, age 13 from Spain  
    •    My son improved his communication skills and started to understand English much better. Mother of Dmitry, age 10 from Russia  
    •    Our daughter Charlotte, 12 years old stayed 2 weeks in Port Regis. We were surprised that she learned English so well in such a short time. There were a lot nice activities during the day and the evening and there was no time for homesickness. Charlotte had a great time. Mother of Charlotte, age 12 from Holland  
    •    The school provides a very friendly atmosphere, the teachers are excellent, the location is fabulous, kids come back with an improved knowledge of English and a lot of new, international friends. Mother of Ticia, age 12 from Slovenia  
    •    Laura has advanced in many aspects: character, independence and of course language skills. Despite having some concerns because of her age (8) we are happy that we sent her to the summer camp. Father of Laura, age 8 from Austria    
    •    He improved his level of speaking. He met new people. He enjoyed himself. Thank you very much for looking after my son, I hope that next year Jakub will meet your Summer School again. Mother of Jakub, age 14 from Poland  
    •    Angelica came back from ECS enthusiastic end happy, with a lot of new friends from many European countries Parents of Angelica, age 14 from Italy  
    •    Eva was so pleased with her staying that she hardly accepted to return. She made so many new friends that her phone is beeping all the time. She even thinks in English! Father of Eva, age 12 from Greece  
    •    Alfred is no longer shy to speak English which is great. Our boys benefited from the international mix of students, made new friends and had a lot of fun. Mother of Alfred (age 9) and Albert (age 11), from the Czech Republic  
    •    An all round great unforgettable experience, always new even to those who have gone before. Mother of Amelia, age 16 from the Dominican Republic  
    •    In addition to Hanna`s improvement in her competence in English this year ECS has again been a chance to experience a new community and context. ECS provides good impulses for self reflection. Parents of Hanna, age 14 from Germany  
    •    It is great opportunity for my child to enjoy the course, build the effective collaborative skill, make new friends, familar with mix culture environment, increase self confidence while learning english with joy. Father of Tianjiao, age 11 from China    
    •    ECS - the only place for summer holiday where my son would be happy to return. Incredible improvement in english. Mother of Alexander, age 12 from Russia  
    •    Asking this question to my children (11 and 14 years), the answer is: we have had a great time with lots of fun and learnt a lot of English. Both felt the first 4 days were long, but the remaining 1½ weeks have been flying away and they have become very comfortable with speaking English. They were enthusiastic about the teaching as well as the teachers and very impressed with the technical equipment available at the School. Their stay at Port Regis has been a success and they hope to be back next year. Father of Benedikte (age 14) and Christian (age 11), from Denmark  
    •    Being in ECS helped Diogo to improve his spoken English skills. He made friends from all over the world. Father of Diogo, age 15 from Portugal    
    •    For her second summer, Emma was very happy to be with you, and for the next year now our conditions are: "Good English this year, OK, you can return to English Country Schools!" It was a beautiful holiday for Emma! Parents of Emma, age 11 from France  
    •    It improves not only the child's English speaking abilities but also his confidence in himself. Mother of Alin, age 11 from Romania    
    •    This experience shows our children how to socialise with other nationalities. I think it helps them to grow up as good people, and it’s an incredible way of making good friends. Father of Raquel, age 16 from Spain  
    •    My daughter told me that as result of two weeks of ECS she is now more confident to speak English and use it to establish and develop contacts with her foreign friends. Father of Iwona, age 12 from Poland    
    •    Our son enjoyed the stay in Port regis very much. He gained a lot of new friends from all over the world and he lost his shyness to communicate in English. He would like to go to Sibford next year for meeting his "old friends" there. Parents of Clemens, age 14 from Austria  
    •    We liked the fact there were not a lot of children of the same nationality as we wanted our son to be able to use English as much as possible. We noticed an improvement in his English grammar and his confidence in using English on his return. He commented on how beautiful the countryside was. Overall a very good experience and an eye opener for our son who commented that many of his friends were crying at the airport as they didn’t want to leave!!! Father of Shun Hine, age 16 from China    
    •    It was the first time my son tried to use English as spoken language and his English was very limited. I am really impressed with the progress he made in just two weeks. Mother of Jeorgen, age 9 from Norway    
    •    After being there she has developed her English speaking and comprehension, she has met lots of people, she has made some very very good friends and the most important she has evolved individually, as a person. Thank you. Mother of Marina, age 12 from Spain    
    •    The summer course is a perfect "toolkit" on a social, cultural and educational level. Mother of Catharina, age 13 from Holland.  
    •    ECS is well organised and enthusiastically directed. The children are very well taken care of and the variety of the program is inspiring. Mother of Damian, age 11 from Switzerland    
    •    Igi came back very happy from the summer course. He made new friends and understood that the world is in the matter of fact a peaceful, small village inhabited by friendly and kind people. It seems that his communication skills and confidence grew. He is getting better grades in English now. Thank you for making his vacation such a great experience. Mother of Igi, age 12 from Poland  
    •    Heikki enjoyed the course enormously and wants to return. He is even more open and independent than before and speaks better English. Mother of Heiki, age 11 from Finland 
Summer 2007: 
    •    Sister of Barbara Viegas, age 13, Portugal My sister had a wonderful time and found it thoroughly enjoyable and academically stimulating. Our parents and I saw a significant improvement from attending the school last year.  
    •    Father of Alexandre Fuller, age 13, France Great confidence booster - he came back very happy with himself and his experience.  
    •    Father of Caroline Sundin, age 16, Sweden Carolien has visited English Country Schools for the fourth time, she has always had a very nice time and learnt a lot of English and met many new friends from all-round the world.  
    •    Father of Filip Odrowaz-Pieniazek, age 12, Poland I think it was excellent holiday for my son. He learn a lot of English, because he learnt with games and with students from other countries. It was no stress on the lessons and it was very good.  
    •    Mother of Amelia Christina Ortega Montes, age 15, Dominican Republic Not only has ECS helped my daughter improve her English language skills but it has provided the proper environment for her growth as a person with a much wider vision of the world through her new friends, she would even say she has matured, and that speaks volumes by itself of the quality of the educators involved in the program.  
    •    Parents of Reine-Eloïse Nyaki Paykumboli, age 10, Belgium The ECS makes wonder in just few weeks: planting the English Language seed and let it grow, revealing and promoting the child personal ability and exposing the child to the world with its variety of realities.  
    •    Father of Valeria (age 9) and Veronica (age 12) Nikolaki, Greece Gave the opportunity to my children to feel part of a multinational team, push themselves to use what they know regarding the English language and learn some more. They felt like they have been at home away from home.  
    •    Father of Zeynep (age 7) and Erkan (age 8) Yilal, Turkey It helped my child to be more independent and improved his level of English  
    •    Father of Federica Fumagalli, age 14, Italy The benefit that my daughter has taken from ECS 2007 experience was that she met lots of people from all over the world with who she continues to be in contact by e-mail and this improves her English but also her known about life-style in other countries. This is possible because there are not lots of people of the same nationality. I really like this aspect of ECS.  
    •    Father of Beatriz Bergado, age 15, Spain The courses are well organised, the results are impressive. Every time one of my children comes back, it takes the rest of the summer for them to give up the sadness of (still) not being there. I´ve met some of the teachers and they are excellent people. They really care about the children.  
    •    Mother of Olga Ethel Wiezowska, age 16, Poland ECS provides a very enjoyable and full of fun way of mixing learning with typical holiday leisure time in a fantastic countryside; children are taken care of by friendly and cheerful staff; because they stay for couple of weeks together, they can make great friends. All this benefits in getting relaxed, recharged with healthy energy, benefits in good language skills improvement and in lasting relationships with many peers all over the world.  
    •    Mother of Andrea Ansaldo, age 14, Italy Andrea told several times that the one at English Country School has been the best of his life. He had a great time and improved his English beyond any expectation.  
    •    Parents of Ian Delabie, age 12, Belgium English Country Schools has become the reference for our son, by which he measures friendship, fun and English teaching.  
    •    Parents of Felix Faehre, age 13, Germany For Felix it was his first experience abroad without his parents. Meeting children from all over the world opened his eyes how useful it is to practice English. He enjoyed the social life and the sport facilities. Felix is looking forward to join the ECS next summer again. From our point of view there was no gap between our expectations and what happened during the two weeks of his stay, he was in good hands.  
    •    Mother of Laura Sequeira Fale, age 15, Portugal The major benefit is the way the contact with other teenagers from different parts of the world gives a big tolerance of different cultures no matter the colour of skin, the religion and the believes.  
    •    Parents of Alan Pilato, age 12, Greece The benefits are a lot. Ability to understand and speak better in english knowlege about the country and the culture be more independant and confiant to communicate. Thank you very much for your good work.  
    •    Parents of Hanna Braeuer, age 13, Germany Hanna has spent her third summer at ECS. She had a lot of fun and could again improve her English. ECS is a great place to train social competence. We did appreciate the professional feedback which Hanna got during the course and by the final report.