Advice for parents

ECS opened our daughter's mind to a much wider world.

— Father of Mar, age 14, from Spain

How do you decide on the best international English Language and activity summer camp for a child or teenager?

Do a Google search for 'the best UK English summer school for children and teenagers' or 'the best UK English summer camp for kids' or similar and you will be presented with hundreds of organisations, all claiming to be the best.

We have two advice pages that may help. The first describes the difference between staying in an English home and staying in a boarding school. Many parents think that a child that stays in an English home will automatically hear and learn more English. In reality things are not so simple. This document aims to clarify the issues.

If, as we hope, you choose to send your child to a residential summer camp / boarding school, our second document describes a number of things to look out for. Apply these criteria to your shortlist of summer schools and you will hopefully find the one that is right for your child.

Having chosen your summer school, parents may then begin to wonder if the child will really be OK away from home. Is the child old enough? Will they get homesick? In reality this is far less common than imagined. However if you are worried there are some things that you, as a parent, can do to help: please see our third document, 'Homesickness: how you can help' on the right.

Finally, please don't just take our word for it! it can be helpful and reassuring to speak with other parents who have sent their children to our international summer camps. You can find a list of Parental Contacts here. You can also see comments that parents and pupils have made about their experience of our courses here.

At any stage if you have questions please ask and we will be happy to help. Email Chris and Sarah at English Country Schools