English summer camps for teenagers

Lots of activities in a very safe and beautiful school

— Parent of Clara (17) , Anna (14) and Raphael (14) from Switzerland



Our Port Regis course for teenagers consists of about 70 pupils, boys and girls from 20 different countries with a staff to student ratio of 1:6. The aim is to provide a balanced programme of lessons, workshops and recreational activities appropriate to the age group so that pupils will improve their English, make new international friendships and have a great holiday.

Teenagers live in their own modern building in the school grounds with separate accommodation areas for boys and girls and male and female houseparents to provide supervision. Each pupil has a single study bedroom complete with hand basin, desk and wardrobe. There is a large, comfortable relaxation area complete with table tennis, pool tables, a wifi room and a cinema where pupils can enjoy free time together.

There is also some separate accommodation ('The Cottage') in the school grounds that is reserved for the older girls. It has its own kitchen, sitting room and a small garden and offers a measure of independence compared to the pupils in the main building.

The teaching programme for this age group includes educational workshops designed to motivate teenagers by providing real world skills for life. Pupils can choose from workshops such as digital photography, drama, video filming, creating a course journal, grammar and pronunciation, cookery. This enables them to focus on particular interests while continuing to practise and improve their English. 

We also offer an intensive English option combining academic support before and after attendance with a focus during the course on writing and speaking skills.

An optional weekend visit to London is available at extra cost.

You can find a sample weekly programme here

Teenagers are also welcome to join our post-course outdoor adventure camp providing an opportunity to continue practising and developing their English naturally. Further information here