The motto of 'fun, friendship and learning' is no simple motif - it's an accurate summation of what ECS provides.

— ECS teacher

Please note: Under UK law we cannot employ non-EU residents. See here for further information

Employment dates (including induction): 5 July - 6 August 2018

At English Country Schools we aim to provide the best possible summer school experience for our pupils and this means that we need the very best people to deliver our courses. We pay well, provide full board and lodge in a beautiful countryside location and treat all staff with respect. If you work for us our aim will be for you to:

  • Work to the best of your ability within a supportive and professional working environment
  • Enjoy working in a safe and appropriate manner with the young people on the course
  • Develop personally and professionally, formally and informally during the course
  • Leave with a sense of achievement and a desire to return in the future

Why work at ECS in particular?

  • We limit the number of students on each course to a maximum of 5 boys and 5 girls who share the same mother tongue. We don't accept groups or group leaders and all our pupils attend as individuals. This means you’ll be working with a truly international group of children and teenagers whose common language is English.
  • Pupils are divided into three age groups, 7 - 11, 11 - 14 and 14 - 17. You won't be expected to work with wide age ranges at the same time.
  • Staff have access to an online database of materials before and during the course to assist with planning.
  • All students arrive and depart on the same date: we don’t do weekly arrivals and departures and this makes life easier for everyone.
  • All staff will receive three 24-hour days off during the period of employment plus normally one session (morning, afternoon or evening) off daily for planning and relaxation.
  • The courses take place in a large campus in a beautiful countryside setting. The school has excellent sports facilities that staff are welcome to use.

TENNIS / GOLF: any of the posts below can be combined with tennis or golf coaching (with the appropriate qualifications) to increase earnings.

We have vacancies for residential:

  • Course Manager / Assistant Course Manager
    Posts carrying wide-ranging responsibilities that fall under the general headings of administration, communication, representation, supervision and leadership.
  • EFL Directors of Studies (primary or secondary)
    Non-teaching posts providing ongoing academic support and supervision of the teaching team in one or more of the age groups 7 - 10, 11 - 14 and 14 - 17. You must be qualified with the RSA Diploma or equivalent plus relevant experience.
  • Teaching Manager
    As above (DoS) but for teachers with considerable experience of working with children in an EFL setting who lack a high-level EFL qualification.
  • EFL teachers (primary or secondary)
    To teach pupils in one of the age groups 7 - 10, 11 - 14 or 14 - 17 and assist with excursions and the activity programme or in the boarding houses. Teachers should be qualified with a PGCE / BEd or a university degree plus a recognised TEFL qualification that includes an observed teaching component; and at least one year's relevant experience. We accept RSA / Trinity Certificates but not the i to i 120 hour certificate. We particularly welcome teachers who are able to plan and lead educational workshops: for example photography, drama, cookery, local history, grammar and pronunciation. We also welcome applications from PGCE qualified primary teachers not necessarily qualified in EFL who are experienced in using arts, crafts, stories, songs, games, movement, etc.
  • Sports / Activity staff
    For each age group 7 - 10, 11-14 and 14 - 17 we employ a team to work across the sport and social activity programme. Activity staff are sometimes required to assist with excursions but do not usually assist with boarding house duties. For further detail on the sports programme please see https://www.countryschools.co.uk/activity-program/about/ For further details about the social programme please see https://www.countryschools.co.uk/activity-program/social-programme/ You will require good pupil management skills, good organisation, the ability to risk assess activities, the ability to work as a member of a staff team, a sense of responsibility, purpose and fun. An element of coaching is required for sports and Sport Leaders must have relevant qualifications. For all posts experience of working with foreign pupils is an advantage.
  • House parents
    To support and supervise pupils in one of the age groups 7 - 10, 11 - 14 or 14 - 17 in their boarding house. To maintain a safe, healthy and secure domestic environment for them.
  • Stage Manager / Drama Workshop Leader
    To assist teachers and activity staff with the planning and implementation of all stage performances including drama workshops. Includes responsiblility for the safe and efficient working of AV sytems in performance halls. A Drama Workshop Leader post is available for individual with the appropriate qualifications and experience.


What do staff say?


I move from one place to another but I always love coming back to ECS. It feels like home. Working with ECS is a truly life enriching experience.
Aleksandra, Teaching Manager

I've worked with English Country Schools for two years now and it's still the best job I've had.  At ECS it's not only the students who learn; I feel like I am trusted to use and develop my skills creatively by a supportive and passionate team.
James, Teacher

Working English Country Schools is not an easy job, its hard work and long days for four weeks. However it is rewarding work, a lot of fun, a great experience in a great community and I cannot think of a place I would prefer to work over the summer. The atmosphere is hard to explain but difficult to beat, both in terms of the students and the staff team.
Brett, Junior Activity Organiser

A fantastic experience that will help you grow both professionally and personally. Chris and Sarah are extremely approachable and the camp runs like clockwork. Thank you for everything!
Jessie, Teacher

At ECS I am made to feel respected, trusted and valued as an employee and a person. I'm only sorry it doesn't run all-year-round!
Stephen, House Parent

ECS's strength is that it is a large organisation run like a family business. It is a family you join and I am happy to have become part of it.
Jonathan, Teacher

I flourished at ECS and thinking about it, how could I not have done? I was surrounded by dedicated and intelligent people who genuinely wanted to do the best they could and help me when I needed it. I was also in the middle of some really stunning countryside that couldn't help but inspire me.
Rory, Teacher

I have found an organization, ECS, to which I love returning and where I feel productive. I am proud to be part of this team.
Laszlo, Sport Organiser

ECS has it all - a supportive and dedicated team, fantastic resources and the chance to be involved in a wide range of varied and interesting activities in a beautiful setting. The students always enjoy it, and the staff do too. I've done five summers with ECS, and would be happy to do five more.
Will, Teacher

I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, academic support, being given plenty of extra resources to use during my classes, working with high-quality equipment and in modern facilities.
Gosia, Teacher

ECS has a great team of people and the facilities are excellent for teaching. Students here really enjoy their time. The camp is run by people who put the enjoyment of staff and students ahead of everything else and there is a fantastic environment here.
Chris, Teacher

Working at ECS means working in an extremely professional and employee friendly  environment.
The structure of the camp is very well thought out and it gives the employees a feeling of comfort, trust and well being.
Beata, Academic Manager

ECS is the best summer school I have worked for. I believe it's because of the atmosphere created by all the fantastic people I worked with this summer!
Agnieszka, Teacher

I really enjoy working at English Country Schools. Every year there are some fantastic colleagues and it is amazing to experience how the students love coming to ECS. The camp is extremely well-run and besides that, I love the family atmosphere.
Stine, House Parent

It is a great pleasure working at ECS. Fiona and I look forward to the doing the summer camps as it’s a very friendly environment and we get to meet up with both old and new friends. 2018 will be our third year of taking part in the camp, I think that this speaks for itself. Roll on next summer!!
Tim, House Parent

Chris and Sarah are true professionals and the quality of the summer school reflects their expertise and experience. It is a privilege to be an English Country Schools employee.
Fiona, House Parent

I worked for a different summer school the previous year so I had a chance to compare. And I felt a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere but still very well organized. Everyone from the staff was very friendly and willing to help. There were all kind of different nationalities of students all kinds of characters and all together it created a very jolly and colorful summer.
Gabriela, Assistant House Parent and Activity Helper


Working at ECS is a great way to spend summer and an unforgettable experience. I improved my professional skills, met amazing people, visited fantastic places. I couldn't have asked for a better school to work for.  
Roksana, English Teacher

I love working at ECS as its like a big family; everyone is so friendly and welcoming and you feel really valued as an employer.  
Sophia, Social Organiser & Assistant House Parent

I absolutely loved my time working for ECS. As a busy medical student I do not get a lot of time off but I cannot think of a better way that I could have spent mine. It was a truly memorable experience that helped me to grow as a person and I do believe my experiences will make me a better doctor.  
Helen, Activity Assistant

Working on the ECS team was very rewarding. The management structure is solid and the resources are excellent. I had the opportunity of working with and for people from many parts of the world and it was an enriching experience.  
Claire, English Teacher

I have spent the last 3 summers at ECS and the memories from each year fill me with joy. It has helped me to grow so much as a person and the people you meet are incredible. Everyone works together to provide a great experience to the kids and you have so much fun while doing it. It is fantastic how there are no long lines of command, if you need something, Chris and Sarah are always there for you. I will never forget my time at ECS, it is such an enjoyable place to work!  
Connor, House Parent

Ecs is a brilliant company to work for. The staff are helpful, easy to work with and I have made friends for life.  
Alex, Social Organiser

I love working for ECS. It's a very inspiring and motivating school to work for. I always want to do my best and become better at my job when I'm at English Country Schools.  
Aleksandra, Director of Studies

The support received as staff from the directors is brilliant. Everything has a family feel to it and this is carried through the staff team! I've made some incredible friends working at ECS and its that which keeps you coming back each year!  
Danni, House Parent

I had a fantastic summer at ECS. Chris and Sarah are brilliant, they really care. You can have some real fun teaching about something you love in the workshops and meet some great people.  
Amy, English Teacher

Best summer ever!! So many great, fun memories that I will always treasure. I can't wait to come back next year!  
Adam, Sports Director & Social Leader

Being a teacher at ECS was a privilege! I came away with fantastic memories, new skills and friends. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children and felt that I was part of a happy time in their lives. As a member of the staff I felt valued and supported and was treated with kindness. I would absolutely recommend ECS as a great opportunity for anyone who works with children and teenagers.  
Danielle, English Teacher

My experience at ECS has been amazing! I had the chance to work in a beautiful environment with really good people! All the members of staff made me feel part of a big family and that was a good feeling!  
Nicolo, Activity Assistant

Working as an EFL teacher in ECS was a great experience for me. It allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people, to encounter various cultures and, of course, to fulfil my dreams of being a teacher. It was a wonderful way to spend a part of my holidays and I will remember it as one of the best times in my life.  
Michal, English Teacher

ECS is a fantastic place to work, alongside same-minded people who share the love of sport and working with young people.  
Frankie, Joint Sports and Social Organiser


Each year I return and each year it just gets better and better! New and old staff alike are enthusiastic, friendly and great at what they do so that everyone has a fantastic experience. I will continue to return to ECS for as long as I can!
Grace, Junior House Parent 

Working at ECS is the most wonderful way to spend the summer. It's a great opportunity to learn and you can be sure you will always meet some amazing people. 
Martyna, Director of Studies 

It has been another fantastic Summer Camp, a great team of staff coupled with amazing weather this year! I'm already looking forward to summer 2014! Rachel, Primary Teacher 

A fantastic, personally rewarding experience that will benefit me for years to come. 
Connor, Junior House Parent 

I would undoubtedly recommend English Country Schools as employers to imaginative and energetic people who wish to develop their work and interpersonal skills as well as form meaningful and stimulating friendships in the ambience of summer camp environment. 
Kaja, Teacher of English 

I got to spend the summer playing Frisbee in the sun, volleyball on the beach, and swimming in a private pool. I relaxed watching movies, built costumes out of cardboard and invented new games with water balloons. I spent time chatting and building friendships with like-minded people - and got on well with the staff as well. AND I got paid for it. 
Matthew, Activity Assistant 

For me it has been a good experience, a great opportunity to share as a student and staff at the same time and to understand both cases. 
Marina, Young Helper 

I would recommend it to anyone: you get to teach students from a fascinating variety of cultures, work with passionate, supportive colleagues in a beautiful environment. 
William, Teacher of English 

Working with English Country Schools was an all-round great experience! Not only was the job rewarding, but I have also made some great new friends. Susanna, Junior Activity Leader 

Definitely the best summer school I`ve ever worked at. Facilities of the highest standard. 
Chris, Teacher of English 

ECS is different from other camps and schools I've worked at before because there is an absolute focus on the well-being and happiness of the students. This is the most important aspect for me about working with children and I couldn't have been more impressed. 
Elizabeth, Activity Organiser 

I would recommend working for English Country Schools to anyone. I've had lots of fun and learned working as a teacher on their summer camps. The students are a joy to teach and it is really nice to see children from so many different countries studying together and learning about each other's countries. Chris, Teacher of English 

I had a fantastic time teaching at ECS - it is so well run and a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn and grow together. 
Heather, Primary Teacher 

I was very happy with ECS- it's a great working environment. Working with ECS enabled me to expand my experience, broaden my horizons meet many people who are passionate about work with children. In five weeks I worked a lot but also learnt a lot. As a non-native English speaker I felt integrated and accepted which was very important. 
Aleksandra, Teacher of English 

Chris and Sarah are excellent employers and run a well-balanced, fun and engaging course for all age groups. The number of staff and children who return to ECS goes to show what a warm and enjoyable place it is to work and study 
Liam, Teacher of English 

You must be doing something right, for me to have come back a dozen times in more than 20 years :-) 
James, Director of Studies 

This was my first year at English Country Schools and it was also my first time working with international students in a summer school environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer working at ECS, I met some amazing friends and learned new skills in the process. 
Lucy, Junior Activity Organiser 

I have worked for English Country Schools four times, and the reason I keep coming back is that they provide a supportive and friendly working environment, excellent remuneration, and a diverse group of students, all in a beautiful rural environment. 
Marcus, House Parent 

It's a lovely family run school that students and staff return to time and time again! Having worked with ECS for four years now I have seen this happening first hand. 
Gemma, Teacher of English 

I thoroughly enjoyed working at English Country Schools, and feel that It really helped me grow professionally. 
Aimee, Teacher of English 

My first time working with ECS was extraordinary. I was in contact with the students and the staff and both were really great. The special thing about being a Young Leader is that you can see ECS from both points of view: as a student and as a staff. For me it was something like 'Behind the scenes' of ECS. 
Albert, Young Helper 

A great environment for the staff translates to a great environment for the kids 
Stephen, Activity Assistant 

This is a fantastic course. The limiting of native tongue pupils is a great idea and makes our lives much easier when taking sessions. ECS is hard word and full on but I have made some life long friends and definitely feel a part of the Etchells extended family! 
Lucie, Social Organiser 

I very much enjoyed working with students and staff from all around the world. I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun, with both groups. Kate, House Parent 
I thoroughly enjoyed working for ECS, the pay is good and it is a brilliant experience. I wish I could do that job all year round! Sarah and Chris are lovely. Lauren, Sports Director 

It's a great summer school experience in beautiful surroundings with very supportive colleagues. 
Helen, Teacher of English 


"English Country Schools is the best place I have ever worked. The directors Chris and Sarah are friendly, helpful and extremely dedicated and they make ECS a great experience for everyone. The students absolutely love the course and this is reflected in the number of returnees." Liam Day, teacher, Summer 2012 

"Port Regis this year has been a highly rewarding, memorable and great place to work. I couldn't have asked for better staff & students and every day had different challenges, experiences & silly evening activities to plan; what a brilliant summer!" Grace, Social Organiser, Summer 2012 

"Had a wonderful time working at English Country Schools this summer. All the staff were very friendly and encouraging of new ideas, making it a fulfilling place to work as a teacher. The students were a delight to teach and it was a privilege to get to know them better and the memories will stay with me forever." Chris, teacher, Summer 2012 

"Had a brilliant time. Good bunch of people to work with; loads of laughs!" Alex, Activity Assistant, Summer 2012 

"As always, my stay at ECS was exciting and filled with opportunities for learning and self-development. Great people, great place, great time!" Martyna, Teaching Manager, Summer 2012 

"This was my third season at ECS and once again I had a brilliant time. Chris & Sarah are great people to work for and certainly know how run an excellent camp. Friendly staff, buzzing children and a good all round experience!" Jerry, Welfare Officer, Summer 2012 

"I had a great time working for ECS, there was a brilliant atmosphere among the staff and the students." Josie, teacher, Summer 2012 

"ECS really is a fantastic place to work - I had an amazing 5 weeks at ECS and can't wait to return next year!" Liberty, Junior Carer, Summer 2012 

"A great school to work for with a good atmosphere amongst staff and students." Emma, teacher, Summer 2012 

"After working with ECS for the past four summers I can safely say that it is a great company to work for. The resources that are provided as well as the working experience of my peers have contributed to creating a pleasant working environment and one which I have learnt valuable lessons that are applicable to my professional and personal life." Dave, Assistant Course Manager, Summer 2012 

"A very enjoyable and enlightening experience meeting new people from many different places and cultures." James, Teacher, Summer 2012 

"I have gained so much invaluable experience from my time at Port Regis, it has gone by in a flash and I miss the bubble of ECS already! A professional, fun and inspiring experience set in a beautiful location, I couldn't have asked for more!" Rachel, teacher, Summer 2012 

"This has been my third year with ECS but every year is different and offers new challenges, friendships and experiences. It is a great way to spend your Summer." Gemma, teacher, Summer 2012 


"During my summer with ECS I have learnt so much as a teacher and as a person. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and I think the atmosphere was amazing. I've had so many positive experiences and moments that it is difficult to describe all of them here: the airport team, meal times, morning and afternoon meetings, help from the key staff, playing sports and games with the students and so on and so on." Martyna, Teaching Manager, Summer 2011 

"Lovely children, idyllic surroundings, such a good job that I came back for another summer!" Jess, House Parent, Summer 2011 

"Well organised family company, run by two highly dedicated people." Jerry, House Parent, Summer 2011 

"My second summer at ECS was as fun filled, educational and memorable as the first. The diverse nature (of both staff and children) really added to the atmosphere." Anna, Teacher, Summer 2011 

"Thanks to the great staff, hilarious kids, and supportive staff English Country Schools, has once again become the highlight of my year, thank you!!" Tom, Social Organiser, Summer 2011 

"Looking back on the four weeks with ECS I have enjoyed everything I was faced with and all the brilliant experiences! Working with the students was great and the sense of friendship and fun was was there everyday. I would love to return next year!" Grace, Sports Leader, Summer 2011 

"It was very positive and I didn?t really want to leave. Everyone was fantastic and a delight to work with and for and the rapport with the students was also an outstanding aspect of the job." James, Teacher, Summer 2011 

"My work at English Country Schools was my first ever and it has helped me in many ways. First of all it has taught me how to take care of children from many different nationalities. Then there is the staff that is professional and fun to work with and have helped me, throughout the course, to improve my English. Working at ECS has given me an insight of how a job can be both fun, learning and give you friends for life - all while you meet wonderful children that will broaden your knowledge about their nationality and ways." Veronica, Junior Carer, Summer 2011 

"ECS is a fantastic place to work. You can see the students develop and enjoy their time there. It is a very intense experience but the support given by Chris and Sarah makes it a lovely place to work." Liam, Teacher, Summer 2011 

"English Country Schools was a great experience and has given me lots of confidence going into my final year of teacher training!" Jessica, Sports Leader, Summer 2011 

"An action packed 4 weeks which will leave you exhausted but with a great sense of achievement." Gemma, Teacher, Summer 2011 

"ECS was an unforgettable experience - you get the opportunity to work with students from all over the world whilst in a beautiful part of the UK, and you make great friends in the rest of the staff." Jenny, Teacher, Summer 2011 

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect with the teaching side and thought we might have slightly more planning time, but I realise this would be very difficult to fit in. My experience was extremely positive and outweighed my expectations overall. Staff are very well looked after and, in general, thoroughly enjoy the employment." Jenny, Teacher, Summer 2011 

"My expectations were very different to my actual experience of working with ECS, which definitely exceeded them. The everyday running was more chilled and relaxed to what I expected and everyone was there to help if needed, especially on the sports sessions. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough experience to lead the sports sessions and I wouldn't have enough knowledge of the rules but after a few sessions I felt I had gained lots of confidence in them." Grace, sports assistant, Summer 2011 


note: EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTION The rules for non-EU citizens to work in the UK are complex and changing. If you do not already possess a valid permit to work in the UK you will need to make your own enquiries as to what you might need. Please note that due to the short term nature of our summer employment we are not able to sponsor individuals for the purpose of employment in the UK. See http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/workingintheuk/ for further information.