The Grammar and Pronunciation workshop was actually really good, and useful with the Phonetic Alphabet.

— Danielle, age 15, from The Netherlands


A choice of electives is included in the programme for all pupils aged 11 - 17 at Port Regis, enabling them to focus more intensively on their English or choose more broadly educational content as follows:

Trinity GESE
Intensive speaking practice leading to the Trinity General Speaking Exam in Spoken English (GESE). Please see our GESE page for further information.

Grammar and pronunciation
Formal study and practice through games and songs for pupils who have reached a plateau with their English or wish to focus on particular areas of weakness. Includes an introduction to the phonetic alphabet, a useful tool to help pupils with their pronunciation.

Course journal
Pupils work as editors, journalists, writers, etc. to produce a weekly journal that is circulated in the school and published on the internet. This encourages attention to content, style and accuracy as well as enabling friends and relatives to see their work when they get home.

Digital photography
Students learn the principles of photography and how to avoid common errors in order to take better pictures of people, landscapes and actions. They become more sensitive to the world around them while their photos provide a good basis for discussion and writing.

Pupils create, rehearse and perform short plays. This provides authentic English practice while developing pupils’ intonation and voice projection. They have fun and develop personal and linguistic confidence.

Pupils learn the basics of cookery including kitchen hygiene and safety. They share and follow simple recipes, have a fun competition, learn new language and develop independent living skills.

Pupils choose a different elective each week. Other workshops may include local history, music, art, film making, literature. The precise workshops that we run each summer depend on the skills, interests and experience that our teachers bring to the school.