Up and running

Both courses are up and running! The new arrangements for airport arrivals worked well. Everyone who should be with us is with us. As usual, we are getting requests from parents to bring their children to the phone. Please read the Notes for Parents on this subject. Don't worry if you don't hear immediately from your child. If there is a problem we will of course contact you. No news really is good news!

Students have been going through our placement procedures this morning and by now all students will have been allocated to classes appropriate to their age and level.

Both centres are preparing for their excursions tomorrow and everyone is looking forward to a good day out followed by a relaxing, activity-filled day on sunday.

We understand that parts of Europe are sweltering in a heatwave. I'm pleased to announce that cannot be said for us! The weather outlook shows a gradual improvement through the weekend.

More postings and hopefully photos soon...

Chris Etchells