Trips and Discos!

Hello again!

We welcomed back our Brownsea Islanders yesterday with loads of hugs in exchange for many great stories and experiences from their adventures (some involving peacocks).

One of the many peacocks that inhabited the island





For those not at Browsea it's been a weekend full of day trips. On Saturday the Middles went to the beautiful city of Bath and the Seniors saw the ancient fort of Old Sarum. On Sunday, everyone arrived back in Port Regis at about the same time; the Middles from Stonehenge and Salisbury and the Seniors from Bath. The Juniors had the whole grounds to themselves as the older students were out and they definitely made the most of it.

These girls are having a great time at Stonehenge!

To end an exciting weekend we had a UV disco and this was the best disco yet! In fact, it was so much fun that no one wanted to leave; we had to drag the students away at the end of the night as they had school the next day and needed their sleep!

Great music, great dancing, great night!


To look forward to this week we have our end of course revue! More about that later.