Staff O Staff and Bushcraft

It is amazing that we are once again at the end of another week. And what a week it has been with the survivalists off to Bushcraft, the finals of Staff O Staff and a cultural excursion to Sudeley castle and Cheltenham.

Staff O Staff has become something of an institution here in Sibford. For those not familiar with the format, the show involves staff members performing a set of tasks dictated by studenrts and the staff member who performs best is declared the winner. In theory. This year staff were given a range of sporting, skills and social tests in which they could demonstrate their prowess. I could tell the evening was going well because the howls of laughter could be heard out on the sports field! Adam, for some reason, turned up in a romper suit to everyone's amusement but being dressed as a toddler didn't affect his performance and he was declared the winner. However, a hasty recount meant that he was demoted and Jess took first place. A great fun evening.

Our intrepid explorers set off for Bushcraft the following day and Adam will be videoing the weekend so we can see what they got up to in the wilds of Oxfordshire.