Staff Hunts, Competitions and Preparations!!!

After a few days of experiencing proper English weather, the sun is back….perfect weather for the Summer Fete this evening! All the preparations are being made, bouncy castles are being ordered, and the game stalls are being set up. We'll take loads of photos so all you parents out there can join in on the fun. Preparations are also being made for Sports Day tomorrow by our hard working Sports Director, Lauren. The middles have made all sorts of banners and bunting to cheer their teams on. 

While all these preparations are happening, the Juniors and Middles have been doing their own separate Staff Hunts! This is when staff hides throughout the grounds (up trees, under bushes, in caves....) for the students to go find. Believe me, it's harder than it sounds (especially for the staff who need to hide for ages in one spot and for the middles who were tied together by the waist!). Staff Hunts are one of the activity staff's favourite sessions as we are allowed to make all the other staff wear various silly fancy dress as to look like different characters. This week, the Middles were looking for Wally and Wally's friends (which included Chris and Sarah's loved dog, Linford) from the Where's Wally books, and the Juniors put out a search for Minnie Mouse, Simba, and other disney characters. Here are some photo:


On the left you can see the winners of the Junior Staff Hunt and above we have our hidden Junior staff!            

While our middle house parent, Marcus looks rather mysterious

While Suzzy and Lizzy took advantage of the right to dress the other staff up as silly as possible for the entertainment of the Juniors, Middles and ourselves, the Seniors competed to see who is the manliest man and the womanless woman in Man o Man and Woman o Woman with their own activity leader, Lucie. This involved push-ups, dances, serenading the audience, and lots of food ranging from baby food to Chubby Bunny Marshmallows.   

   Look at all the manly contestants cracking egsgs on their heads

Last but not least, we've managed to take a photo of the interracial duck family which wonders throughout the grounds of Port Regis. They are now part of the ECS family and while the students eat their breakfast, the ducks wonder back and forth in front of the Canteen (it entertains the students anyway and we have a hard time preventing some the juniors from chasing them). During the day, this duck family can be found going about their business near the pond.  

Taking a little walk 

Yesterday, the Juniors went to Wardour Castle in Wiltshire. All of them returned smiling in their bright yellow hats (which they wear so they're unmissable and because they look absolutely adorable) and some with bags slightly heavier than when they left, weighed down by a few new toys. The Middles and Seniors this weekend are looking forward to their own exciting trips planned for this weekend, but more of that next post. 

We'll keep you updated!