Sibford Workshops

Sibford Workshops

Here at Sibford the workshops are going particularly well. On Thursday, Chris is taking a group of students to Edge Hill, site of a decisive battle during the civil war. This is part of his history workshop which is proving very popular. His class have been looking at local history and the role of the Banbury area in the English Civil War. We are all looking forward to the battle reenactments!

Chris and the historians in the Sibford library

We are fortunate this year to have a cookery teacher with us and Sarah has been running a fantastic cookery workshop. So far this week we have enjoyed a sumptious apple crumble and some excellent pancakes. The first question asked by most staff members at the morning meeting is, "What are you making today Sarah?" Jam tarts, I am promised.

Sarah and her cookery workshop at Sibford

Preparing apple crumble in the cookery workshop
 Over in the IT rooms Kaja is overseeing the first edition of the Sibford Examiner, this years course journal. Packed with news, reviews and campus gossip the first run will be available on Friday.

Albert exercising his editorial influence on the course journal

Drama this year is in the capable hands of Eleanor who has been introducing students to some of the fundamental principles of stagecraft as they prepare their production of Summer School Musical.

Eleanor and her budding stage stars

James is running a very interesting film workshop this year.  Based round the basic principl;es of  filming and editing, James has been helping his workshop group to script and shoot their own films in and around the school..

Lights, camera, action!