Sibford Goodbye

You can tell a lot from an end of course show and the one at Sibford this summer was one of the best I've experienced. There have been good ones before - some very good - but this was the first to do what was always intended: to showcase the achievements of the different workshops as well as providing a forum for individual students to show off their talent. The show programme (see photo) produced by Jo shows the reange of talent on offer.

So we watched the students' own version of Romeo and Juliet (following their visit to Oxford to watch the real thing) : the students' production had 3 Romeos and 3 Juliets - a democratic and sensible arrangement! See the photo of the 'fight' scene in Romeo and Juliet.

We also watched a series of short films produced in the film workshop - highly professional considering the short time taken to produce each film, including music and really innovative camera angles and lighting. Thanks Jemma for your excellent leadership of this workshop. If we can get permission from everyone involved we'd like to upload the movies to U-tube.

Next, the Course Journal workshop students took to the stage and ran through the highlights of each week's journal. You'll be able to see the results at very soon.

Liam's workshop students brought some sophisticated international English to the platform, proving that grammar and pronunciation need not be dull!

And Moses brought more than a few tears to the students' eyes with his slideshow of all the fun, friendship and learning we all experienced and shared this summer. You can see the slideshow by browsing to Ask us for the password.

Our thanks, indeed, to Moses for his work on our photo workshops this summer and the last. You can see some of the results at This summer's workshop photos will appear there very soon.

We all very much enjoyed heartfelt musical performances from Livia and Clara and from Yasser and Arturo, with professional, upbeat hosting by students Peter and Veronica.

The show finished with an amazing performance by the staff that brought the house down and left me - and the students - utterly gobsmacked! ('Gobsmacked' is a rather vulgar English(?) word that, however, in this instance is the only one to use..) Many thanks to Gosia for her excellent choreography and encouragement, to Emma for her incredibly professional lyrics and singing - and to all the staff for their good-humoured participation.

Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to all the staff and students who took part in this excellent end-of-course show. It perfectly reflected a really excellent course at Sibford this summer. As I said at the time, I wish you all an excellent year ahead and hope that we'll see many of you again in the future. But whether returning or not, I hope this summer at ECS Sibford 2009 will shine in your memories for a very long time...

Good wishes,
Chris Etchells