Rounders Match

The first of a series of staff v student sports matches took place last night with the first of a two test rounders series. This will be followed by football, volleyball and basketball matches over the coming weeks.
The rounders match was nothing short of epic. Outnumbered and outgunned, the staff side looked very shaky early on as the student team scored 14 rounders. Alicen soon found her bowling form, however, and the student team were unable to score any more rounders and in a flurry of catches they were soon all out. After the change, the staff side lost three key players very quickly with only two rounders scored. Things were looking bleak as one after another succumbed to Spiros’ fierce bowling. The only thing standing between the staff and a complete rout was a batsman of resolve and skill. He was there and he chose his time perfectly. His name was Matt. Although not a high scoring innings, time and again he made it back round and slowly the student team began to lose the advantage. The staff finished only four rounders behind and full of confidence. In the second innings the student side lost their two big hitters, Ian and Borja, early on and the advantage turned to the staff team. Joe in particular was fantastic as he scored rounder after rounder to prevent defeat and achieve an honourable draw. A fantastic evening which everyone really enjoyed and as the sun set we all set off for a late swim. A perfect summer school evening