They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, the return fixture of the staff v students rounders competition was certainly that. As a chill wind whipped across the playing fields of Sibford school, the two teams lined up to settle the much-disputed result of round 1. Amid accusations aof cheating and match fixing following the staff's glorious victory last week, it was agreed that another match would be played to see which team would be declared ECS rounders champions 2010.

With the student team at full strength with 40 odd players and a large supporting contingent, our team of twelve was outnumbered from the start. Outnumbered and outclassed. It wasn't just numerical inferiority that put the staff team under pressure though. Several key players such Masaya and Borja had hit a rich seam of form and were almost unplayable. Masaya seemed able to cath a fly in flight and he didn't look like dropping anything all evening. And he didn't. When batting, he scored a rounder with consumate ease every time he came up to the batting plate. In contrast, our star batter David, was carrying an arm injury and was unable to unleash the 'Manchester Missile' to any great effect. Undermanned and outgunned, the staff team did well to stay on level terms at the end of the first innings.

The second innings started well with several of the student team falling to the 'triangle of death' between bowler, bat stop and first base. Inevitably, however, youth and enthusiasm won through by a single rounder. A close match and a well-earned victory for the student team.