Port Regis Summer 09 - Introductory Sessions

Most have us have been here since Tuesday evening, with the children arriving on Thursday. Wednesday was spent planning for the teachers and making equipment audits and medium term plans for the social and sports teams. The majority of the children arrived at Heathrow on Thursday and were met by about half of the team. Thursday evening was spent getting to know each other, unpacking and having induction talks etc.

The real fun started on Friday, although not before the mandatory testing! Some of the children were nervous but everyone did the best they could! After the tests, Chris, the sports organiser, arranged a circuit style activivity where children were in groups of 15 and were allowed 8-10 minutes in a particular zone. These included Tree House, Frisbee, Sack Racing and Volley Ball. Sports were arranged for the afternoon and in the evening everyone settled down in Farrington to watch Mama Mia. Settled down may be the wrong phrase to use as there was a lot of joining in with the well know songs! Everyone seemed to have a good time though and went to bed exhausted but happy.

On Saturday we braved the rain for our first excursion. The juniors went to Longleat safari park and the seniors went to bath where they had lots of free time to shop, see the Abbey and of course the Roman Baths themselves. If the seniors were worn out from their shopping trip it wasn't noticable as everyone found the energy to enjoy Dom and Max's Disco Mania!

On Sunday both the juniors and seniors made parachutes and protective clothing for their eggs to see which would survive the egg drop. All of the ideas were very creative and many of the eggs survived against the odds even after being dropped from the first floor window! After a barbecue lunch sports were offered and after tea all of the children made the most of the brief but glorious sunshine to take part in a Leader Hunt. 12 of the leaders were hiding around the grounds and all of the had been given a letter. The children were in groups of four and had to find all the letters which spelt out Port Regis 09! The children have been divided into four houses; "Beans on Toast" "Bangers and Mash" "Fish and Chips" and "Jelly and Ice Cream" The winning teams earnt points for their houses.

Today the extra activities start and some of the children are able to go horse riding or play golf on the 9 hole course in the grounds. Those remaining will be able to choose from Arts and Crafts, Badminton and Cricket. This evening they will pit their wits against the ultimate quiz master in an interactove Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? game where they will have the opportunity to earn more house points.

HM Port Regis