The senior boys and girls have all gone back to their houses after a night of Murder Mystery Mayhem which, from the sounds of things, they all seemed to enjoy. It's the end of the third week and everyone is as busy as ever. Classes are all well underway and the friends we all made during the first part of the course are now back home safely and we're in the process of getting to know a whole new batch of people from around the world.

The weather has been incredible - at least it has for those of us who live here! - and the English country side is still very pleasant but not nearly as green as poets of the past would have us believe!

The sports and activities programmes continue to occupy the time outside of lessons and there are smiles all round.

Time is marching on and it won't be long before we all have to say goodbye for another year. Still plenty of time for fun and friendship and, we hope, lots more learning!