Fear and Fun at Thorpe Park

The Flying Fish might be a sedate ride but it was enough for me. As a confirmed theme park coward, I was happy to spend a hot sunny day at Thorpe Park pottering on the kind of rides I usually take my five year old daughter on. For the more demanding riders there was the usual array of terror-inducing insanity on offer and the students from Sibford were quick to get stuck in. Most went straight for the terror-inducing Stealth ride. Taken from standstill to 80mph in 2.3 seconds, this is a ride for the truily committed theme park junkie. Watchiong from the safety of the ice cream stall I watched grim-faced students emerging from the ride rather less gung ho than when they climbed aboard. But without exception, they raced off for more excitement. For those who wanted more, there were rides named Colossus, Vortex, Quantum and Inferno to wring the last drops of adrenalin from even the most demanding teen.
After 5 hours of excitement all safely boarded the coaches home for a mercifully swift drive round the M25 and home. As I watched the exhaused trippers sleeping in their seats, I was gripped with a pang of envy that I hadn't dared to ride the big dippers and extreme thrill rides. But as the green-faced student in the seat next to me asked for a sick bag, I decided that the Flying Fish was probably fast enough after all.