End of Course Revue!

All the children from the first two weeks have had their End of Course Revue. It was fantastic! The different classes presented the English they had learned and what they had been doing for 2 whole weeks through songs, dramas, fashion shows and more (and let's not forget the staff's special surprise at the end....the staff's version of the Harlem Shake)!

It was sad to say 'goodbye' to so many, but we've welcomed our new students on Saturday and everyone is adjusting to the change nicely. Today is the first day of classes now that everyone has been tested (some for the second time). I'm happy to say that many of the 4 weekers have been placed in higher class levels than before; I suppose you can't help but improve in English when you're in an fantastic learning environment like this! Over the last few days the juniors have been participating in the Olympics...the Junior Olympics that is! The
Middles started off their second week session with human bingo, dodgeball, and a game show night, while the Seniors have played a fun game of football with a GIANT ball...they looked silly and had a blast!