Course 2 begins.

Good afternoon from the activities office!

We've had a really busy weekend, with over half of the school coming and going.  With many familiar faces leaving us on Saturday, there were a few tears and sad farewells but these were quickly replaced with a renewed sense of excitement at the prospect of new friends arriving by the coach load.  The lure of Oxford St and Covent Garden were enough to take the Teens' minds off the departure of several key members of Prichard House!  On Saturday afternoon the heavens opened to give our new pupils a true British summer welcome to ECS!  Despite the rain, everyone seems to have settled back into the normal ECS routine.

Our course photos are a great way to remember the friends made while at Port Regis
We had a great week last week, with both the Junior, and the Teen and Middle end of course reviews to round off the course.  The classes showed us what they had been up to over the last fortnight and we were shown some great individual talents too.  The staff even treated the children to a special dance piece to end the course with a bang!

Pietro Barba, from the Teen Course, treated us to a fantastic rendition of Schindler's List at the Teen and Middle Review on Friday night. 

Not Now Bernard as performed by Fiona's group, at the Junior Review

Henrik, the ECS Tech maestro, at the Junior Review!

We have lots on the agenda for this week.  Susy is in the middle of planning the Junior Mini Olympics as we speak.  The Middles have a wet and muddy Scavenger Hunt to look forward to tonight, thanks to Lizzy's determination to brave the rain! And Lucie is about to put the Teen boys through their paces at this evening's Man o Man contest - a true test of their masculine ability!!