Camden - Good or Bad???

As I said yesterday, we added a new option to our London trip this year - Camden Market. Here are a couple of contrasting views from our students.

GOOD; Someone told me that Camden Market is full of vintage shops and I heard that we could see a lot of people there with all original style. Fashion is something that I really like, my passion, hobby, that's why I wanted to go there. I just love that place! Clothes are quite expensive but we can be sure that no one will have the same. People are very nice (if not, I guess that no one will buy something). The worst thing is that the marketis full of people so it's easy to have something stolen. If Camden were a little bigger, it would be perfect place to shopping. Oh, and if the clothes were cheaper....
In London, I also saw London Eye and Big Ben, favourite place of tourists. The best part? Camden market of course. - Ela Potaczala

BAD; Yesterday we went to Camden Market in Camden. I chose it because I wanted to go shopping. London Eye and River sounded boring, that's why I chose Camden Market.
Whe we arrived I saw a lot of Gothic people. I didn't expect this, I thought there would be nice old clothes but not punk shops. In a big group we went in many shops, but didn't buy anything. Some Chinese guys were annoying us to buy their bad chinese food, but we ate pizza.
It was worse than I expected because I didn't buy anything. Only in H&M and American Apparel but these shops don't belong to the Camden Market. After 3 hours or something we went to the meeting point and drove on the underground to London Eye and Big Ben. It was good but in my opinion we went too fast through this street. I couldn't take many pictures. The best part was shopping in H&M and the worst part the Camden Market. I really didn't like it.
- Adele Brodskaya

Obviously you can't please everyone but thanks to Adele and Ela for sharing their views with us.