British Council Accreditation

Thank you everyone following our British Council inspection during the summer. We have now received our certificate.

The British Council noted areas of strength in:

1 Staff management
2 Student administration
3 Quality assurance
4 Premises 
5 Facilities 
6 Care of students
7 Accommodation
8 Leisure opportunities 
9 Care of under 18s. 

The British Council also commented favourably on the following aspects of the teaching programme:

1 Monitoring student progress 
2 Academic reports 
3 Course structure
4 Good liaising between teachers regarding students' needs and progress in      weekly hand over notes
5 Good management of classroom environment  
6 Good range of teaching techniques being used appropriately
7 Good management of activities 
8 Good rapport which led to a positive learning atmosphere.

The Accreditation lasts for 5 years with the possibility of spot checks before then. We will of course continue to develop every aspect of the programme in our continued pursuit of excellence :)