ECS adventure

Every day was a fun experience of something new.

— Inna, age 14, from Germany


English through Adventure camp for 7 - 17 year olds, 4 - 11 August 2019

Our English through Adventure camp is situated in a beautiful, secluded position next to the sea in Dorset on the south coast of England. It offers the perfect opportunity for children and teenagers to continue learning English while enjoying adventurous activites in the outdoors, building teamwork and community spirit and reconnecting with nature.

The camp is mixed age and technology free*. Younger pupils look to older pupils for guidance and support; older pupils develop leadership and nurturing skills.

During the morning pupils participate in enjoyable language-learning activities in small multi-age groups under the supervision of our qualified language teachers. For example, they may be tasked with inventing a new game for other pupils to play, or creating a dance or short drama to perform around the camp fire in the evening. This allows language to be used naturally in pursuit of a genuine aim. Relaxed, happy pupils learn from each other and the element of physical involvement is conducive to deep and effective learning.

This is followed by a linguistic preview of the afternoon's adventurous activity session. For example, pupils might be introduced to the vocabulary of sailing, learning the names of the different part of the boat and receiving an introduction to the theory of sailing - wind and sail direction, how to hold the tiller and turn the boat, etc. Pupils have a vested interest in following this instruction and the vocabulary they learn is recycled naturally during the afternoon activity.

Adventurous activities include: bushcraft (shelter building, fishing and foraging, campfire skills and cookery), coasteering, climbing, mountain biking and kayaking. Activities are graded according to the age and ability of the participants. As with everything we do, safety is an absolute priority. Our own teachers provide general support and supervision. Adventurous activities are provided by fully qualified professional instructors. Risk assessments are in place for each activity and our insurance is extended to cover these activities.

After a hot shower in the afternoon there is time for rest and relaxation. Pupils pass the time reading books, playing cards or board games, in free play, exploring the environment or just chatting casually with each other. We take care to ensure that the camp is multinational, so this informal socialisation in English improves general conversational skills and helps to broaden cultural horizons.

Following the evening meal pupils complete their daily diaries. They are assisted in this by our teachers, writing in English and / or drawing pictures with words according to their age and ability. Over the 7 days of the camp this builds into a record of their stay as well as providing writing practice.

The campsite has a large tipi with a camp fire in the centre. This provides the setting for performances, songs and stories during the evening and helps to enhance the community spirit of the camp. 

The camp is for 7 - 17 year olds. Pupils are accommodated in traditional 'bell tents' with others of a smilar age and gender. All meals are provided on site.

A report on each child's participation and progress will be sent to parents after the camp.

The camp takes place for one week, 4 - 11 August, after our main summer course. The cost is £1200. Most pupils will continue to the camp from the main course but we also welcome participants who want to attend just the adventure camp. We can arrange taxi transfers from London Heathrow at the start of the camp at extra cost. Transport from Port Regis at the start of the adventure camp and back to London Heathrow Airport at the end of the adventure camp is provided free of charge.

If you have already booked a place on our main Port regis course you can add the adventure camp by logging in to your child's account here. If you wish to book the adventure camp alone please create a new booking here

Any questions, please email Christopher Etchells who, as Co-Director of ECS, attends the adventure camp to provide overall supervision.

* Pupils can use their mobile phones at the start of camp but these will not be recharged until shortly before they leave the camp to return home. Photos will be taken by one of our teachers at the camp and will be shared with all participants after the camp. We do not allow other hand help electronic devices at the camp. An emergency phone is available at all times. 


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