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Every day was a fun experience of something new.

— Inna, age 14, from Germany


Our Bushcraft and Adventure camps offer pupils the opportunity to practise and extend their English while having fun, building teamwork and confidence in the outdoors. As with everything we do, safety is an absolute priority. Pupils are under the general care of our own staff and adventurous activities are provided by fully qualified professional instructors. Risk assessments are in place for each activity and our insurance is extended to cover these activities.

Outdoor Adventure Camp for 11 - 17 year olds

Our Summer 2018 Adventure Camp takes place 5 - 12 August after the main summer course in a very beautiful setting by the sea in Dorset. Pupils enjoy a variety of character-building activities while they consolidate and extend their English.

Accommodation is in traditional tipis including a large communal tipi with camp fire to provide a cosy gathering place in the evening. Activities will include mackerel fishing from a boat, a chance to sleep in the woods in hammocks, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking and coasteering. Each morning starts with a vocabulary-building session for the day ahead and pupils keep a written journal as a personal record and to further develop their language skills.

All pupils assist with camp duties, for example helping to collect firewood for camp fires and washing and drying dishes. This is part of the fun and helps pupils to understand that camp is a collective effort.

Older pupils are also given some responsibility helping to supervise the younger children - for example organising informal games for them and supervising them in camp duties. The aim is for them to develop leadership skills by understanding themselves better and how they relate to other people. This will hopefully find expression in their daily diaries, combining English practice with personal development.

You can find a short review of our Summer 2017 adventure camp here. Additional photos are here

Bushcraft Camp for 7 - 14 year olds

Our Bushcraft Camp takes place at Port Regis School 16 - 22 July. It is for children aged 7 - 14 who wish to camp out in the school grounds while learning bushcraft skills. Pupils continue to attend English lessons while they attend the bushcraft camp.

Bushcraft activities centre around the survival basics of fire, shelter and water. Pupils learn firelighting skills, how to build shelters, how to purify water using natural materials. They experiment with camouflage and concealment, learn how to build animal traps, enjoy camp fire cookery and learn about mapreading, all with plenty of games and team-building exercises mixed in. At the end of each day pupils gather for songs and hot chocolate round the camp fire before going to bed in cosy tents under the night sky. At the end of camp pupils review and reflect about the things they have learnt and leave with a pocket manual about survival skills.

View a slideshow from our bushraft camp here

Bushcraft Camp daily timetable

08:00 Wake up
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Bushcraft activities (11 - 14 yr olds) / English lessons (7 - 11 yr olds)
13:15 Lunch
14:30 English lessons (11 - 14 yr olds) / Bushcraft activities (7 - 11 yr olds)
18:30 Evening meal
19:30 Social programme
21:00 Camp fire
22:00 Bedtime

Dates, price and booking

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